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Monday, August 25, 2008

CVS-ing the Morning Away

Once we dropped our daughter off for her first day of preschool (with a few tears from Mommy and a few backward glances from Daddy), we enjoyed breakfast together at Panera Bread. What a rare treat to be able to enjoy some time with just my hubby! We both realized that we'll be able to get a lot accomplished while our daughter is at preschool, but it was very strange to not have her with us. She goes EVERYWHERE with us!

After Panera, we were off on a mission.... CVS-ing! My husband doesn't usually go with me on my CVS rounds, and I was a little flustered this morning. Maybe shopping right after dropping her off wasn't my best idea.

We did score a $30 gift card for transferring a prescription. I used the $30 prescription transfer coupon from Rite Aid (here - I found it on the last page of this site), and CVS was happy to honor it. It's a good thing that I had the gift card too. We went to two CVS stores, and each one didn't have something on my plan/list. I had to adapt quickly, because I wanted to get all of my CVS-ing done today. It's going to be a crazy week, and I can't guarantee myself time later for CVS.

I did make some changes on the fly, and we still only paid $1.19 OOP. (We didn't have the $30 card at the first store. I got the prescription transferred to the second store, the one closer to home.) The OOP was because I included 2 Malt-o-Meal cereals (coupon here - here - here - here) in my first transaction and had given the coupons to my hubby for his transaction! Oh well... We grabbed two more boxes to go with his coupons, so all was not lost. We'll use all of the cereal for snacks with our Sunday School class of three-year-olds. (That is if I we don't eat it all first! This stuff is really good, especially when we NEVER buy sugary cereals. What a treat!)

All in all, it was a very nice morning. My daughter LOVED preschool, I got to spend some time with just my hubby, and we ended up with a whole trunk-full of grocery/personal/household items for $1.19 (and a gift card with $19-ish dollars left on it). Not bad for one morning!


Sarah Z said...

Your comment about the $30 Rite Aide gift card for the RX reminded me that I saw one in the flier on Sunday. I just dropped off a new RX at CVS on Sunday. I was planning on getting a $25 CVS goift card with the CRT coupon I got. But I'll see if they'll take the Rite Aide instead. The store has a HUGE banner saying they take all other stores' pharmacy coupons.That's 5 more dollars! I ran and dug the flier out of recycling and hopefully I'll be able to use it tomorrow when I pick up the RX. Thanks for the reminder!