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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My 53 Cent Transaction

I stopped at CVS once more today to transfer a prescription from another pharmacy. This earned me a $25 gift card from them! I'm hoping that they'll offer this again so that I can transfer my daughter's two prescriptions too. But right now I'm enjoying $25 of FREE CVS dollars!

While we were waiting for the prescription, my daughter and I picked up a few deals. Here's what we got:

Downy fabric softner $3.99
2 Crest toothpastes (for donation) $1.99 each
2 Sally Hansen nail polishes (I couldn't pass up the wild colors for my cousin!) $3.73

$0.75 Crest x 2 (from recent newspaper insert)
$3 off 2 Sally Hansen polishes (here)
$2 off any $10 purchase coupon (here)
$5 in ECBs from yesterday

My subtotal was 20 cents. With tax, the total was 53 cents.
I used the gift card, so OOP was $0.00!

It's always fun to watch the people behind you in line when you pay 53 cents for fabric softner, toothpastes, and nail polishes. The look on their faces is a cross between bewildered and astonished. Sometimes I wonder if I should tell them how it works... then I realize that they would probably think I'm nuts! I figure I'll tell anyone who actually asks! Have you ever shared your shopping secrets with other customers in line?


Carrie said...

A little. But one thing I have shared that always goes over well? Coupons! Since I always have 10 or 20 printouts of the latest $x/$xx coupons with me, if I have a transaction that takes a long time, I'll turn around and hand one to the person behind me. That seems to head off any complaints!

Once I ran into a dad I know from my daughter's preschool. He was buying Colgate toothpaste and was trying to figure out how the ECBs worked. I was buying it too, but I had extra coupons, so I gave him one of those, for $1.50 off. He was astonished and grateful. Kind of weird, but a good feeling too!