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Sunday, September 7, 2008

CVS Gift Ideas for Men?

I've been stashing away some great girly items from CVS as Christmas gifts for my female family members. I figure everyone loves a little pampering, but we're not always willing to splurge on ourselves. I also have 4 teen/early-20s girl cousins that I like to get just a little something for. So I've been shopping specifically for them. They're the easy ones!

My big problem now is what to get the two guys who are in the same mix of cousins. One cousin is 16, and the other is my cousin's boyfriend who is in his 20s. I've been trying to think of something I could get from CVS as I'm doing my weekly shopping. But there aren't many guy-ish CVS items that would be considered cool gifts.

My husband suggested stockpiling ECBs and purchasing gift cards for them. Our CVS has a whole display of gift cards for different stores/restaurants. This might just be the way to go. I also have some National City points from using my checking account and debit card (no credit cards here!!!). I could order gift cards from those points too.

I figure I can put some chocolate or other candy with whatever I get. That's always appreciated! But I would LOVE to hear any suggestions that any other faithful CVSers have for me.


stephanie said...

I'm having the same trouble. I stocked up on the St Ives elements BOGO w BOGO q at Rite Aid to make pampering baskets for the ladies but I have no idea what to get the guys. The only thing I see coming up anywhere is Adidas and what man wants deodorant for Christmas?

Jennifer said...

My husband heartily agreed with the "no Adidas for Christmas" sentiment!