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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Frugal Ziploc Bag Use

Sometimes I have to decide if I'm being frugal or just downright cheap! I've decided that my use of Ziploc freezer bags falls into the category of frugal. I just can't bring myself to pay for freezer bags and only use them once. I also can't bring myself to wash them, dry them, and put them back away.

So I have a different approach....

Here's an example. My family does not like super-saucy pizza. So one can of pizza sauce will make three pizzas for us. I don't want to keep a can of pizza sauce in the fridge until we make pizza three times, so I freeze it in 1/3 can portions. I certainly don't want to use two freezer bags for the two unused portions left the first time I open a can.

Instead, I put each serving into a regular zipping sandwich bag. I actually use the store brand ones or whatever's on sale at the time. Then, I tuck the sandwich bags into a freezer bag. I get the protection of a freezer bag without getting it all messy. When I pull out the last sandwich bag, I just put the Ziploc freezer bag back in my paper goods drawer. It's mess-free and a great way to use the same Ziploc bags over and over!


The Taskers said...

I just thought of another idea for you: what if you froze portions of the sauce in ice cube trays, then stored the tomato sauce ice cubes in a freezer bag and just defrosted what you need? You could possible fit more than a can of tomato sauce in one bag, so you'd have it even longer? I used to do this with portions of homemade baby food. If you take out the portions and put the bag straight away back in the freezer, you could actually keep using the same bag over and over again - refilling it with new portions each time.