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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Looking for Someone Who Wants Pull-Ups Coupons

I recently connected with someone from across the country who can use the dog product coupons that I find and can't use. I've also found a new mom who can use the diaper coupons that we no longer need. Now I need one more person...

I seem to keep accumulating coupons for pull-ups! My daughter is at the point now where one pack of pull-ups lasts us an eternity. HALLELUJAH!!! She only needs them for naps and nighttime. I certainly appreciate the cost of pull-ups, so I'd like to share my coupons with someone.

If you have a toddler who's potty training and you can use these pull-up coupons, please leave a comment. These go to the first person who comments! I'll probably keep sending them to you until you say that you don't need any more. I'm happy to share!


grandmotherof2 said...

hi i am a grandmother of 2 beautiful children a boy 2 and a girl 1. i have recently started to read these money saving ideas and i am hooked. thanks for all that you do.

soldier'swife said...

If you don't have anyone yet I am interested. My daughter still uses them and will for a problems!