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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Shopping vs. Priorities

I was all ready to head to K-mart after church today. I had sorted through my coupons in hopes of taking full advantage of them doubling coupons up to $2.00. The deal ended today, and I didn't want to miss out.

Plans changed, and I had to go with priorities instead of scoring a deal. My husband injured his neck yesterday, so he stayed home today. That means that Mommy was flying solo. That's not a big deal, but I'm definitely used to the extra set of hands on Sunday mornings. Plus I was running on a sleep deficit. I've been tired for a few days now and was starting to feel it!

When I got Emma out of bed, she was absolutely exhausted. She had slept somewhat fitfully from about 5:30 on, so she didn't get all the rest she needed. She even said that she wanted to keep sleeping, which is rare for her! She did get up and moving, and I was able to get us out the door on time. We even stopped for our newspapers on the way.

Since my hubby was home, I taught our three-year-old Sunday School class by myself. There were only three girls today, so the director (who had agreed help me if needed) didn't have to stay with us. I was as tired as Emma was by the time we were done with our service and our class.

So I went home....

Emma and I both napped, and we didn't even get up in time to run to K-mart in the afternoon. But I felt pretty good about that. Sometimes I think I sacrifice things that I should be doing in order to do other things that I like to do. But today I did what needed to be done. I allowed us to have a peaceful, restful day at home after church. It truly was a Sabbath for us all. That's way better than a good deal! (Did I mention that I didn't even pull the coupon inserts OR the CVS ads out of my newspapers yet!?!?)

But I'll be watching for the double coupon deal to come around again. It's happened twice in the past couple of months, so maybe I can catch it the next time around!