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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What can you do about the bailout?

Don't you sometimes feel helpless to make a difference in what's going on in Washington? I'm not super-political myself, but this bailout has gotten under my skin. I hate the fact that our elected officials are planning to put our country in $700 billion of new debt.

I think I feel strongly about it because we're working so hard to get ourselves out of debt. We're all about taking personal responsibility, and this bailout plan seems to remove much of that responsibility from those who should be shouldering it.

I received an email post yesterday from Dave Ramsey, Christian financial counselor and radio talk show host. I love Dave's advice, probably because his mantra is personal responsibility. Dave shared his advice/plan on several talk shows this morning, and he just makes sense.

You can read about Dave's plan here.

You can send a letter encouraging a more common sense approach by copying/pasting the text file found here.

You can find links to your elected officials' websitese here (Senators), here (Representatives), or here (both - searchable by zip code).

If you're feeling helpless, try doing something about it. I emailed every one of my Senators and Representatives, and it only took me about 10 minutes. If we all do that, and promise to vote for those who make sense, we can truly make a difference.