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Monday, March 16, 2009

CVS & JCPenney 3-16

Retail Value: $42.42
Paid Out-of-Pocket: $2.55
ECBs Earned at CVS: $2.00

I made one more stop by CVS today. I thought I'd try the Huggies Gentle Care "Diapers Product" coupons on wipes. I didn't know if they would work or not. They did!! CVS has the large refill packs of the Huggies Gentle Care Sensitive baby wipes for $5.99 this week. With my coupons, I snagged two for 99 cents each!

If you have these coupons but are well-stocked on baby wipes (or don't need them), try checking with a local preschool teacher. They go through tons of wipes and could probably use them!

I also ended up with 2 Dry Ideas, 1 box of 6 lightbulbs (not on sale but needed), a 20 oz. Diet Mt. Dew (not pictured), and a CVS brand mouthwash for $2.15 plus tax out-of-pocket. Then I went back because the grumpy cashier didn't correctly scan my free mouthwash coupon. She gave me $2.59 cash back. That's more than I paid, so I guess I made a little money today. The only bad part is that I left with only $2 ECBs for next week. Darn!

The blouse in the picture is a Worthington brand blouse from JCPenney. I got a $10 off any $10 purchase coupon in the mail, and I signed up for the JCP Rewards program. That scored me a $5 rewards certificate that I was allowed to use with my $10 coupon. The blouse was $17.99, so I got it for $2.99 plus tax!

If you haven't yet signed up for JCP Rewards, go HERE and enter the code 3008 when you register. You do have to enter your credit or debit card so that they can track your points, but JCPenney seems to be pretty trustworthy.

My mom actually has a $10 off $10 coupon that she's not planning to use, so we'll see what else I can snag almost-free tomorrow. I saw some really cute boxed jewelry sets that I haven't seen there before. Maybe I'll end up with a little bling!


MelRae said...

Hi Jennifer! I just found your blog from your guest post at Centsible Sawyer. I have a question: I used my $5 off Huggies Qs on diapers. But I have some $3 off Natural Fit *Product* Qs. Do you think those would work on Natural Care wipes? I have a $1.50 off Publix Q that I would like to stack with it. Huggies wipes are not my fave wipe, but if I can get them for next to nothing, I'm there!

Jennifer said...

I have a couple of those Natural Fit $3 ones too. I was going to scour the shelves at Wal-Mart and CVS to see if they make wipes that say Natural Fit. With "Fit" in the name, I'm guessing that they're just diapers, but it's worth trying!

When I tried the other diaper/wipes coupon at CVS, I asked the cashier if it would work. She scanned the wipes and immediately scanned the coupon. It went right through, so she knew it would work. It's worth a try! Let me know if you find wipes that the $3 one works with.

I used to be a brand name snob with wipes. I only bought the Pampers ones. Looking back (those were the pre-coupon days), it was just because someone had bought those for us at our baby shower. And I kept refilling the tubs with the Pampers refills. Now I get any of the ones that say "sensitive skin" or "natural". No brand loyalty here!