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Sunday, March 15, 2009

CVS - March 15

Starting ECBs: $5.00
Merchandise Value: $60.26 (sale prices)
Out-of-Pocket Spending: $5.93 plus tax
Ending ECBs: $7.99


After several weeks of little or no CVS-ing, this week's flyer made me get out and shop. I made it to two different CVS stores today and snagged some excellent deals.

I started at the larger CVS store with these two transactions.

Transaction #1:
4 Progresso Soups $1.25 each
1 Dry Idea deodorant $2.99
1 Irish Spring body wash $4.99
1 Colgate Max toothbrush $2.99
1 Playskool travel wips $2.99
Merchandise Total: 17.96

Coupon Savings:
- $0.50 Irish Spring from today's newspaper inserts
- $2.00 Progresso Soup (off 4 cans) (HERE)
- $2.00 Dry Idea coupon (from my coupon printing sidebar or HERE)
- $2.00 Playskool wipes (emailed from CVS)
- $3.00 CVS coupon (emailed)
- $5.00 ECBs from last week
Coupon Total: - 14.50

Total OOP Cost: $3.46 plus tax
ECBs earned: $4.99 Irish Spring, $2.99 Colgate, $2.99 Dry Idea

Transaction #2:
4 L'Oreal HIP Eyeshadows $5.00 each
Merchandise Total: $20

Coupon Savings:
- $2.00 x 4 HIP soupons from recent newspaper inserts
- $3.00 CVS coupon
- $3.00 ECBs (entered incorrectly by cashier - just noticed!)
- $4.99 ECBs
Coupon Total: - $18.99

Total OOP Cost: $1.01 plus tax
ECBs earned: $5.00 L'Oreal

Then I headed back to my local CVS to pick up a prescription. I decided to do the chocolate deal there. I can't count on them to carry all of the weekly deals, but they're always good for candy!

Transaction #3:
1 Hershey's Bliss chocolate eggs $3.50
3 Hershey's chocolate eggs $2.00 each
3 Hershey's Kisses $1.88 each
1 Aquafresh Extra Clean trial size $0.99
1 Dr. Pepper for Hubby $1.59
1 Diet Mt. Dew for Me (my coffee!) $1.49
1 Suave Kids shampoo for kiddo $2.59
Merchandise Total: $22.30

Coupon Savings:
- $1.00 Hershey's Bliss (HERE)
- $1.50 x 2 off 3 Hershey's Easter candy (HERE)
- $1.25 Aquafresh coupon (HERE) (scanned for max?!?)
- $1.59 Dr. Pepper coupon (from my sidebar or HERE)
- $3.00 Suave freebie coupon (mailed to me)
- $4.00 CVS coupon
- $7.00 ECBs (I believe entered incorrectly again!!!)
Coupon Total: - $20.84

Total OOP Cost: $1.46 plus tax
ECBs earned: $5.00 Hershey's
Today I learned that I need to pay closer attention as the cashier is scanning my ECBs. They were entered incorrectly twice! I try to be friendly with my cashiers, but I think it's costing me ECBs. I'll have to work at balancing friendliness with a watchful eye. Oh well... At least I still got some great deals!