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Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Joy of Free Glucose Meters!?!?

I am so excited!! The March issue of All You Magazine (found only at Wal-Mart) has a coupon for a free Bayer glucose meter in it! First, let me tell you that I'm not diabetic.

So, why was I so excited to see this? I have two reasons. The first is that a woman from my church works with low-income people who have medical needs. She's found that many of them who are diabetic don't have a working glucose meter. Their medical insurance will pay for one meter and then continue to pay for test strips. However, if a meter is lost, broken, stolen, or quits working, the person has to pay for a new one themselves. If I can get glucose meters free, I pass them along to her, and she gets them to the people who can't afford to replace theirs. And brand doesn't matter. Their insurance will pay for just about any brand of test strips.

Okay.... That's the selfless reason to get these meters.... My more selfish reason is that they score me great deals! (You knew that had to be in here somewhere!) Most glucose meters are $20 or more. That means that, before coupons, my bill at CVS (or Rite Aid) is $20 or more without any effort. If CVS has a coupon out for $4 off any $20 purchase, then I can get a glucose meter and $4 worth of other items free. This week, one of these transactions would look something like this:

1 Glucose meter $20
2 Garnier hair colors $10
Merchandise Total: $30

- $4 off any $20 purchase CVS coupon (emailed to me)
- $20 glucose meter coupon from All You
- $2.00 x 2 Garnier hair color coupons from recent newspaper inserts
Total Coupon Savings: - $28

Total OOP: $2 plus tax
Receive $5 Extra Care Bucks for the Garnier

Keep an eye out for free glucose meter coupons. You can always donate them to a women's shelter, a nursing home, a social service agency, or someone like the lady from my church. The meters can find a good home, and you can end up with free (or almost free) items that you need.


Anonymous said...

I could not find a coupon for a free Bayer glucose meter in the March issue of All You Magazine... Do you know what page it was on? Thank you and happy shopping!!

Jennifer said...

This is actually a post from 2009, so the coupon would have been in that issue of All You. I linked to this post to explain what you can do with meters if you get them free. Thanks!