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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Inexpensive Laser Printer

If you've been printing coupons from the Internet on an ink jet printer, you've probably noticed your ink supply dropping much quicker than before you were a couponer. Many of the printable coupons come with full-page ads! But these Internet printables are invaluable. I've found that using a black and white laser printer is MUCH more cost-efficient. And Staples is making it even less expensive this week. (Offer ends Saturday.)

If you have a printer that you can recycle, grab it and head to Staples. They have a deal now where you can turn in any printer and get $50 off another printer. The only catch is that the new one you buy has to retail for at least $179 when it's not on sale. Not a problem!

I own an HP black and white laser P1006. It's a workhorse! I've had it for almost a year and have only replaced the toner cartridge ($80) once. **I also own a printing business and print all of my envelopes and invoices on this printer, so you would probably replace it even less often.**

This P1006 retails for $179.99 but is on sale for $99.98. If you turn in another printer, you can get it for $49.98. That's cheaper than replacing the toner cartridge!! You would have to buy multiple ink refills to get the same number of prints that you would get with the pre-loaded toner cartridge in this printer, so you would also be saving money on ink/toner.

There's no coupon required. Just check the Staples website to make sure that your store is participating. This might be a good way to save money printing coupons that save you money!

*** Remember to remove any ink/toner cartridges from the printer you're turning in. Redeem those for $3 each on your next Staples rewards statement. ***