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Monday, April 20, 2009

K-mart Round 1 - $66.30 for $1.14

Retail Value: $66.30 plus tax
Out-of-Pocket: $1.14 plus tax ($3.05 total)
Savings: over 98%

This was seriously my best shopping trip EVER!! I was at K-mart at 8:00 this morning, and I noticed a couple of other people with their big coupon binders. It was time to hunt! I was armed with my lists of free and almost-free items courtesy of Hip2Save and Common Sense with Money. They did a phenomenal job of matching up the K-mart prices with current coupons! Thanks, ladies!

Here's what I ended up with:
  • 2 Sally Hansen/LaCrosse emery boards $1.49 each
    - $1 newspaper coupon doubled - FREE
  • St. Ives Elements Olive Scrub (clearance item) $3.49
    - $2 newspaper coupon doubled - FREE
  • Renuzit spray $1.79
    - $1 newspaper coupon doubled - FREE
  • 2 packs of Huggies wipes (32 & 40 count) $1.99 each
    - $1 newspaper coupon doubled - FREE
  • 2 All Small & Mighty $4.79 each
    - $2 printable coupon (no longer available) - 79 cents each
    * You can still print a $1 All coupon HERE.
  • Oust Surface Cleaner $3.79
    - $2 newspaper coupon doubled - FREE
  • Pledge Multisurface Cleaner $4.19
    - $2 newspaper coupon doubled - 19 cents
  • 2 - 12 packs Mountain Dew/Diet Mt. Dew (my coffee!) $4.79 each
    - $2 coupons from the Frito-Lay rebate earlier this year - 79 cents each
  • 2 packs Juicy Juice juice boxes $2.00 each
    - $1 off 2 newspaper coupon doubled - $1.00 each
  • Hershey's Bliss chocolate eggs (Easter clearance) $1.99
    - $1 off newspaper coupon doubled - FREE
  • 2 V-8 V-Fusion juice $3.99 each
    - 2 $2 off printable coupons (HERE) doubled - FREE
  • 4 Kotex Lightdays pantiliners $1.29 each
    - 2 $0.75 newspaper coupons doubled - FREE
    - 1 $1.50 printable coupon (HERE) doubled - FREE
  • 2 Bic Soleil razors (singles - found on a back endcap) - $2.50 each
    - 2 $2.oo printable coupons (HERE) doubled - FREE
  • Hello Kitty Band-Aids $2.79
    - $1.00 newspaper coupon doubled - 79 cents

I also used a $5 off any $50 purchase K-mart coupon (HERE). My cashier was impressed and congratulated me on a great haul. I was thrilled because these are all very useful items. They're things we would have purchased anyhow, not just items I bought because they were a great deal.

My plan is to head back later this week to stock up on night pull-ups as well as some personal care and household cleaning items for our women's shelter. If you find items that you can get free or almost-free, this is a great time to pick them up and donate them to an organization that could use them.


Megan said...

No way... what an awesome trip! Great job!

Hoosier Homemade said...

Wow, I'm impressed! I wish we had a decent KMart in our town.
Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer said...

Liz - I know what you mean. Our Kmart has only done this doubling one other time, and it seemed like none of the deals that people were blogging about were available at my store. It was incredibly frustrating. But I decided to try it again this time, and I was thrilled to actually find the items that people were talking about. I think the key was getting there on Monday morning. Last time everything was gone or my store didn't carry it. This time I tried for more common items. So, don't give up hope yet! Maybe next time your store will carry some of the best deals!

Carrie said...