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Friday, April 10, 2009

We Went Krogering!

Total Value of Purchase: $196.31
Out-of-Pocket Spending: $99.33
Savings: $96.98 (49%)
Received $2 in catalinas for next time
Eligible for $3 Lysol rebate

We hit the Kroger triple coupon deal today. I wasn't thinking about the HUGE crowd that was going to be at the store, or I would have chosen a different time of day to shop. My daughter and husband came with me, and they ended up walking around the store, hitting the bakery for a cookie, and playing in the toy aisle. (I am SOOOO thankful for my husband! He was willing to go with me and was happy to entertain our daughter while I shopped. He was also very appreciative of the deals that I got. He helped carry everything in and put everything away too!)

There were plenty of deals to be found if you had the energy to look. I got ready last night by flipping through all of my coupons and making a list of the ones I had that were 50 cents or less. (Our store was only tripling up to 50 cents.) I actually put this in a spreadsheet, because I type faster than I write. I sorted the list by store department. Today I went armed with my coupon book and my list. I walked aisle by aisle (which I NEVER do) and looked for the items on my list. Some things were worth getting, and others I passed up. I was looking for things that were free or extremely inexpensive.

Some of my favorite deals are:
  • Wacky Mac $1.49 (50 cents printable HERE) - FREE!
  • 3 Muskateers minis bag $2.50 (50 cents coupon) - $1 each bag
  • 2 Juicy Juice $2.76 each (50 cents off 2 coupon + $1 off 2 Kroger coupon) - $1.51 each
  • Ragu pasta sauce $1.69 (30 cents coupon) - 79 cents
  • French's mustard $1 (50 cents printable HERE) - FREE + moneymaker!
  • Red Gold tomatoes $1 (50 cents printable HERE) - FREE + moneymaker!
  • Daisy sour cream $1.49 (50 cents coupon) - FREE
  • New York Texas Toast croutons $1.79 (50 cents coupon) - 29 cents
  • Skippy peanut butter $2.89 (40 cents coupon) - $1.69
  • Lysol toilet bowl cleaner $2.50 (50 cents coupon) - $1.00
  • Lysol spray cleaners $2.50 (50 cents coupon) - $1.00
  • Bounty paper towels $1.49 (25 cents coupon) - 74 cents
  • DelMonte No Salt Added diced tomatoes $1.49 (40 cents coupon) - 29 cents
  • Land-o-Lakes spreadable butter with canola oil $2.19 (50 cents coupon) - 69 cents
  • Betty Crocker boxed muffin mixes $2.50 (50 cents coupon) - $1.00
  • Betty Crocker cookie mixes $2.49 (40 cents coupon) - $1.29

**** WARNING: Watch the coupons as they scan. It looks like Internet printables aren't tripling. My cashier told me that the system isn't programmed to triple them, but they are eligible to be tripled. Just let the cashier know, and she can manually triple them for you. I actually have to go back and ask for the $1 that they shorted me. My cashier caught four of them but missed two others. So keep a close eye on how your coupons scan!

We also purchased some flour, sugar, oil, and Easter candy that weren't on sale. We just didn't want to have to make another stop after Kroger.

Some of these items are unusual purchases for us, but we've found that we're often asked to donate something or bake something for an event. We're going to keep some of these items on hand for occasions just like that. (Well, maybe not the Warm Delights. Those are just for a day when we need some chocolate!)

I also received $2 in catalinas for the yogurt purchases. The catalina machine at the register wasn't working, but they gave me a rain check good for $2.00 of my next order.

I also realized that I bought 3 different Lysol products, and that made me eligible for the $3 Lysol rebate available HERE. I didn't even intend to do this, but I was picking up some inexpensive cleaners to use as a gift for a friend who's getting married.

Our Kroger is running this deal through Sunday. (Whose idea was it to have triple coupons over a holiday shopping weekend???) I really do appreciate my Kroger store participating. My cashier and bagger were also wonderful today! I love going Krogering! And I seriously earned a little chocolate today!