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Friday, May 15, 2009

Frugal Friday: Grill Once, Eat Twice

You know it's getting closer to summer around here when my husband breaks out the grill! He makes some mean main dishes for us when the weather allows. I love this, because I only have to create a couple of sides, and the meal is done.

One way we've found to be frugal grillers is to grill once and eat twice. There are only three of us, and I hate to have him heat up the grill for just three pieces of chicken. Instead, we cook six pieces. We eat three hot off the grill. Then we use the other three the next night, and it's usually in a different manner.

My favorite way to eat the second round of chicken is to make grilled chicken salads. This makes a super quick meal, and it's very healthy! When we season our chicken before grilling, we can make themed chicken salads too. If we use teriyaki seasoning, then we might make Asian-themed salads. We can add sliced almonds, mandarin oranges, and sweet-n-sour dressing. If the restaurants can do this (and charge and arm and a leg), we can certainly do it even better at home!

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~Sara said...

Great idea. We love grilling. It is great to be outside and the food always tastes so good off the grill!