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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Frugal Travel Update!

I almost forgot to check in with you after our trip to my mother-in-law's house last weekend! Our goal was to spend as little as possible. We started with a cooler full of pop, juice boxes, and bottled water. We had snacks that we scored for next-to-nothing at Target last week too. We were set!

Unfortunately, gas prices seemed to bump up right before we left. Darn! Even with the higher-priced fuel, we still managed to make the trip for around $100, $60 of which was fuel. We even had pop, water, and snacks left over when we got home! We made two stops for fast-food dinners, and we stopped for one kids' cheeseburger about an hour before home. Those were our only drive-thru meals. We also got snacks at one gas station. We were tired of eating what we packed, and we were on the last leg of the journey. I was quite pleased with being able to take a 3-day trip -- six hours driving each way! - to visit family for around $100. (Note: That $100 includes gas, food purchased on the road, and snacks/drinks packed to take with us.)

The plus is that I saved money on my Sunday newspapers while we were there! I buy the Columbus Dispatch, and it's shipped in from two hours away. I end up paying $2.25 a copy every Sunday. *YUK!* I was able to get the Louisville, KY papers for 99 cents each! Yay!


Pio the Meyers and Jenell the Human said...

wow that is great¡

they raised the price of the Charlotte Observer, it was 1.61 (tax incl) on Sundays, now it costs 2.15!!! I think that is very expensive

Jennifer said...

Oh my! That is expensive! I think the Columbus Dispatch is $1.75 when it's bought locally. I only pay $2.25 because the store passes along the shipping cost to us. I don't mind, because it has TONS more coupons than our local paper does. But it does add up!

Tara aka "Mama Koala" said...

Great job sticking to the budget! We are going on a 4 hr trip in the next couple of weeks, and this is a good reminder to me to take the snacks with us, instead of stopping at the convenience stores.