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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gratituesday: I'm Going to be an Aunt!

FINALLY! I can now share with the world that ......


I'm incredibly excited about this! My wonderful brother Jeff and his lovely wife Jill are expecting their first baby on October 31. I've taken to calling baby "Little Pumpkin" because of the timing. They came for a visit this weekend, and Jill has a little belly (quite evident as she is incredibly thin!). They seem be comfortable with the whole idea, and she is feeling a bit better now than she did at the beginning. For that, we are thankful!

Emma is certain that this baby is a girl. In fact, when Jeff had me ask her what she would name a boy cousin, she promptly told me that she didn't want a boy cousin. She's 100% certain that it's a girl cousin. Does she know something that we don't? Or is she just ready to share her Rubbermaid tubs full of girlie clothes?

We'll all be thrilled if it's a boy or a girl!

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Pio the Meyers and Jenell the Human said...

CONGRATS!!!!!! I am happy for you. Nothing is more exciting than knowing someone expecting.