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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday: My New Coupon Binder

I know that you've all be anxiously checking this site each day since I told you I was putting together a new coupon binder. I'm sure that it's just because you felt sorry for me because I had the ugliest coupon binder on the planet before this. (No, really.... I have pictures HERE to prove how sad it was!) The transferring of all of my coupons to a new form of organization was a MAJOR undertaking. Could be because I'm incredibly obsessive.... or maybe it's just my desire to actually be able to FIND my coupons!! I've just about finished the project, and I know that you're just waiting for the unveiling of the new AND GIRLIE coupon binder. Wait no more.....

OH, it's pink alright.........

Okay, the pink, purple, and green ones were on sale for $5 less than the traditional black, blue, and gray. I was a little frugal with this project. I can guarantee you that I will not lose track it!

It has some expandable pockets in the front. I'm thinking about filing my rebate information here. Would that be too much to carry around? The top of my desk would appreciate it! And see that spiffy notebook -- complete with wild-colored stripes -- in the front? It's for my lists. I splurged a whole dollar to add this beauty to my binder.

Did I ever mention that I'm a reformed office supply store junkie? I used to buy a new pen -- just because I liked how it felt in my hand -- every time I entered Staples. The good news is that I had these great pocket dividers left over from my more obsessive days. (I have new things to obsess about these days!) They have tabs down the side and a pocket in the front. I labeled one for each of my favorite bargain-hunting haunts (Kroger, CVS, Rite Aid, Kmart, and Wal-Mart -- I would add Target, but I'm only there about once a month). Each week I can create my shopping list, gather my coupons, and store them together in the appropriate pocket. Makes me feel organized in at least one area of my life.

I thought for sure that this would be the hardest part. I didn't like the idea of using baseball card sleeves AT ALL! I couldn't bear thinking about having to fold all of those coupons. But I ended up trying them after all.... more for cost-efficiency than anything else. I looked at a few other options, but it came down to the fact that these were cheap. So I went for it.

Surprisingly enough, they aren't bad! I just have to remember to put the smaller coupons for each category in the top row. Then they don't stick out and get caught by the zipper. The longer coupons do stick up, and I did fold a few, but overall they weren't in the way. I can still see at a glance which coupons I have.

And that's the best part of the whole thing. With my old system, coupons were just thrown into one common category's pocket. If I wanted a Cheerios coupon, I had to sort through all of my cereal coupons to find it. I even did this while standing in the grocery store aisles. What a pain! Now I can just flip through the pages, and I can see each coupon that I have. I've already used my binder, and I've been pleasantly surprised at how easy it made finding coupons.

It may be pink..... but it works for me! For more great tips and ideas, head over to Works for Me Wednesday sponsored by We Are THAT Family.


Bev said...

That is an awesome binder. I need one because I am just starting with coupons!

Jennifer said...

Bev, I wish I had started out with this when I started collecting coupons. It took FOREVER to get them transferred over to this format. So, start right from the get-go.

I got the binder and baseball card sleeves at Wal-mart. I think I probably spent about $25 on the whole thing. Good luck!