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Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Itch to Pitch Update

It's been two days since I posted my original messy room pictures (HERE), and I've started to really dig in. Wednesday ended up being a day with errands to run and lunch with Emma and my mom, so I didn't get the huge decluttering done. But I did get a good start. You can now officially see all of my kitchen countertops, my kitchen table, my dresser, and my nightstand. Four minor miracles.

I had to work this morning, but I started my afternoon off by cleaning Emma's room... with her help, of course. She's a mean scrubber when you hand her a baby wipe! We swept, dusted, cleaned the baseboards, and scrubbed the floor. Emma was a whiz with her Swiffer Duster!

Then I started to tackle our computer/office room. I thought I'd start with the worst of it all, the dreaded huge pile of papers. I tackled most of it, filing, shredding, and pitching. Here are the before & after pictures:

Yes, I know the old computer is still there! I'm not quite done with it yet. But the papers are gone! Yay!!! Next came the piles on my work table. Before and after:

There is still one small pile of things that require some type of action. I'm hoping to do them this weekend. My basket also needs cleaned out and organized. There are still some notebooks and folders upright between my basket and smaller printer too.

I also listed 5 items on eBay and decided to give away the box and tote basket full of craft supplies that were in this picture. Before & after:

A lady at our church runs some scrapbooking classes there, so we're giving her the craft supplies that were originally headed for eBay. They'll be put to good use! And I don't have to take the time to eBay them. Everyone wins!!

For the last area for today, my invoices from last year are filed. I dealt with the bags of stuff from our old car's glove box. And I packed up a couple of boxes of things to move. The gnome stays. And yes, that is a Holly Hobby-style hat on my head in the picture you see here. What was I thinking?

I'm a LONG way from done!! But I'm getting there! Remember to head over to the Happy Housewife's site if you need some decluttering inspiration. It worked for me! But I'm not done yet. I'll keep you posted!