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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kroger Triple Coupons are Back!

I just talked with a customer service rep from my local Kroger store (St. Clairsville, Ohio), and our store is tripling coupons up to 50 cents again this week! The event begins on Thursday. The rep I spoke with thought that the triples would go through Sunday, but she wasn't totally sure. I'm going to gather my stuff up and try to head in before then! Please leave a comment below if you know that your store is tripling. As always, call ahead to make sure that your store is participating.


nicole-ohio said...

Hi, I just wanted to say Im so glad I found your blog. I noticed on another blog you posted about the ohio kmart particapting in double coupons. Thanks so much seems like all the blogs I look at are way out west. Also,I live in Zanesville about an hour from you. I will be adding you to my favorites, thanks so much looking forward to reading your blog everyday.

Jennifer said...

Hi Nicole! Welcome!! I'm glad to have another local friend to share my blog site with. We're through Zanesville all the time, as my brother lives in Columbus. Feel free to send me any local deals that you find. I would love to share them!