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Friday, June 26, 2009

A Little Shopping Trip - With Christmas in Mind

It's kind of ironic that I did my Frugal Friday post about Christmas today (HERE), because I ended up finding a few Christmas gifts while Emma and I were shopping this afternoon.

Our first stop was Famous Footwear. If you're not signed up for their rewards program, I recommend that you get signed up. I don't know if you can do that online or if you need to do it in a store, but it's quite worthwhile. They regularly send out $5.00 off any purchase of $5.00 or more coupons. I love using these for socks! Today was the first time we saw these cute Hello Kitty and Care Bear socks there. They were $6.99 for each set of two pairs, but they were having their buy 1 - get 1 50% off sale, including socks! I had two coupons, one regular one and one for my birthday, so we checked out twice. Each set of two pairs ended up being $2.75... not bad for character socks, and they're really nice quality. We got one set for Emma and one set for her cousin Ava (whom she calls "my friend Ava") for Christmas. She loved picking them out for "her friend Ava!" (Emma and Ava's grandma reads this blog, so Granny Pammy, please keep a secret for us!)

Our next stop was Old Navy for their $5 swimwear sale. We also found this cute flag tee for $5. I used a 15% off your purchase coupon from, so my total was only $8.50 plus tax. That's less than I paid for her other suit the other day!!

Our last stop was Toys 'R Us -- by special request. Emma had been so good, and she wanted to play with the Thomas display trains that they have out. So we did. While she was playing, I was noticing a HUGE number of red clearance signs all over the place! (It's seriously like a radar thing with me.... I can spot them from a mile away!) I found these cute Very Hungry Caterpillar Colorforms sets. Emma's into Colorforms, so I grabbed one set for her and one set for "her friend Ava." I have to find out if Ava has the book. If not, then I'll get one for her the next time I place an Amazon order (with Swagbucks, of course!). They were marked $2.48, and the signs said they were giving 20% off of the sale price. I thought $1.98 each was a good price, but they actually rang up as $1.18 each.... even better! I didn't show Emma what they were, so hers will also be a Christmas surprise.

I guess today really was the day to start thinking about Christmas gift-giving!