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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Frugal Friday: Loyalty Card Debate

Have you noticed how many of those little keychain loyalty cards you can accumulate? It can make driving a little unhandy at times, but BOY, OH BOY are those little cards valuable!

There was a time when I rolled my eyes when I was offered a new loyalty card for my key ring. But these days I always say YES! I've been amazed at the deals that you can accumulate with these little cards!

But now I'm hearing some debate about the wisdom of using these cards. Some people are concerned about their purchases being tracked. Has anyone heard about problems that have honestly been caused by this? I don't usually care who knows how many cans of soup I buy. But I guess I've never thought about it.

Here are the cards that I keep in my wallet:

CVS (My all-time favorite!)
This little card is GOLD! You can read more about the CVS Extra Care card and how the program works HERE.

I just scored a free bottle of water when I bought a pack of gum yesterday! You can also get cents off gallons of gas after you accumulate a certain number of points.

This little card gets me the best deals each week at Kroger. It also gets me discounts on gas.

Hallmark Gold Crown Card
I don't use this one often, but I do scan it if I happen into Hallmark. Having a card at least gets you on their mailing list!

I use this every time I recycle toner cartridges or whenever I make a purchase at Staples. We use a LOT of toner in our business, and we get a nice rewards check each month.

I don't use this one as often, but it's the only office supply store near my office. So I'll swing by once in a while if I'm desperate for something. I may as well get the rewards!

I'm interested to hear your ideas on this topic of loyalty cards and privacy. Feel free to leave a comment below!

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