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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Frugal Friday: What Did We Do Before Baby Wipes?

No... really! What DID we do before we had Emma and introduced baby wipes into our lives? I can tell you right now that we may not survive without them at this point in time. We'll probably still be buying them when she goes off to college. We use baby wipes for EVERYTHING! They're frugal because they replace multiple products for different jobs.

Baby wipes are also very entertaining when you're really little and decide that you're going to empty the whole box in about 10 seconds flat! Where is this child's mother?

Just yesterday I pulled our stash of baby gear out from under the eaves in preparation for my brother and sister-in-law (who are expecting) visiting this weekend. I noticed that the tubs were kind of dusty, but I didn't want to go downstairs to get a rag. I grabbed the tub of baby wipes we have upstairs and went to work.

Here are a few other ways we use baby wipes regularly.
We clean dog paws.
We clean people paws after playing in the yard - and before climbing in bed for a nap.
We clean the occasional bottom.
We clean sticky hands.
We wipe runny noses. They're oh-so-much softer than tissues!
We clean syrup, honey, and other sticky spills.
We clean our car and van dashboards. They condition while they clean.
I used to clean my rubber stamps with them. They conditioned the stamps too.
We remove hairspray from wood surfaces in our bathroom.
I clean my purses. Conditioning again!
We clean shoes.
We clean luggage.
We use them to de-static hair. Just barely wipe them over flyaways.
If I colored my hair - *ahem* - I would use them to wipe haircolor drips from my skin.
IF I colored my hair, I would also use them to get color drips off the sinktop.
I use them to clean my husband's guitar cases.
We wash baby doll faces with them.
I use them to remove nail polish smudges on my skin (before they dry).
You can use the empty tubs for storage containers.
We wipe sunscreen off our hands after applying it.
We use it just about any time we need a quick clean-up but don't want the harshness of a Colorox wipe.

Do you use baby wipes for anything other than their intended purpose? If you don't have children and haven't tried them, I highly recommend grabbing a pack the next time you find a good deal. They're priceless!

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Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

These are great uses for baby wipes! Isn't it amazing how FAST the entire container can be emptied by a toddler like that?? Hee hee So cute!