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Friday, July 10, 2009

Kroger - Some Goodies!

Merchandise Total Value: $32.48
Out-of-Pocket Cost: $7.49
Savings: $24.99 (77%)

My only advice from this trip is.... READ THE SHELF TAGS CAREFULLY! I stopped by Kroger at lunchtime today, and I found the Propel water for $1.00 each. Since I had found the $1 tearpad coupons earlier this morning (see HERE), I was REALLY excited about this! When I read the tag carefully, it also said that if I bought 10 I would get an instant $5 off at checkout. Wait a minute.... Buy 10 for $10.... Use $5 worth of coupons.... Get $5 off at checkout.... That meant getting 10 Propels for FREE!?!? So I loaded all 10 in my cart.

When I was checking out, I noticed that they were ringing up for $1.29 each. I questioned the cashier, and she went back to the water display and looked at the shelf tag I'd seen. In fact, she tore it off and brought it back with her. She pointed out that it said the deal had expired.... In FEBRUARY! What?!?!

The cashier encouraged me to go ahead and pay for my purchase and then head up to customer service and ask for the deal on the tag to be honored. (It was the self-check, so she couldn't leave her post.) She actually handed me the shelf tag! I've never done this before, but I figured I had nothing to lose. They did honor the sale and refund the $.29 per bottle and the $5 that was mentioned on the tag. So I did indeed get all 10 free!

I also snagged the Thomas' buy 1 - get 1 English muffins (a favorite at our house!) and six packs of Keebler Fudge Shoppe cookies (see deal idea HERE). All told, I spent $7.49. The cookies will go WAY into the back of the cupboard only to be seen when we have company who can help eat them. (That's my secret for not eating too many of them myself!) Well.... okay..... My daughter and I did scarf down a few Grasshoppers tonight. She's four and thought it was hilarious that she was eating "grasshoppers." Sometimes you just have to be silly!

This obviously wasn't our regular shopping trip for this week. Somehow I don't see English Muffins and Fudge Sticks making much of a meal. (Although we did toast English muffins with mozzarella cheese tonight to go with our grilled chicken salads. They make a quick, easy, and yummy side dish!) But this was a fun trip to buy a few things that we don't usually choose to buy.