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Friday, July 3, 2009

My Kroger Trip - 7/3

Spent: $43.45
Saved: $18.83 (30%)

Have you had those dreams where you're out in public and you've forgotten to get dressed? I felt like that when I walked into Kroger today. I did NOT take my coupon binder with me. I had a list that was mostly items that I never have coupons for, so I left my binder at home. The goal was to get just what was on the list and stay under budget.

I actually did get just what was on my list, and I stayed under budget.... Mission accomplished! I felt very strage at the self-checkout when I had to push the NO COUPONS button!!!! But it's true.... I was couponless this time.

I really limited my shopping this week. That's the first time I've held to the I'm-not-going-to-the-store part of my Menu Plan Monday post. I stopped by Kroger today to restock a few things that we'll be needing for next week. I LOVE that I only spent $43.45. And $12.50 of that was cheese. I decided that I would stock up on the Kroger brand cheese while it was $1.25.

I splurged on the Uncle Ben's Ready Rice. It's MUCH cheaper to make my own, but I was getting home with just enough time to get the stir fry done. If I didn't want Minute Rice, Uncle Ben was my best option. At least his rice is long grain and whole grain! (The stir fry was delicious, by the way. The recipe for my own teriyaki sauce is HERE.)

I got:
1 pack pita pockets
2 Uncle Ben's rice pouches
1 Ground Ginger
2 Packs Mushrooms (1 sliced so I could cook quickly tonight)
Broccoli crowns
2 Orange Bell Peppers
10 Kroger brand shredded cheeses
8 Kroger brand yogurt cups
6 Cans various beans (for bean recipe HERE)
1 Gallon of Milk

I should be able to stop early next week for chicken and be okay on groceries for the week. I'm excited that we've been able to cook from our pantry and freezer and keep the grocery budget down. Our stockpiling of basics has really paid off.

For more shopping finals for this week, stop by Friday Finals sponsored by Southern Savers.


Celia said...

Yep I feel so lost without my coupon binder if I forget it. I am a savings machine. My husband just laughs when we go shopping at all the money I am able to save our family.

Lower My Bills said...

I am a coupon freak also. I save hundreds of dollars each month using coupons.