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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday: Lessening After-Travel Chaos

When we arrived home on Sunday evening, our front room was covered with suitcases, laundry, and all sorts of odds and ends from the van. It was a MESS! On top of that, it was bath time and bed time almost as soon as we got home. Emma ended up in bed a little late, meaning I got a late start on my to-do-after-travel list. And I had to work on Monday.

Fortunately I had planned ahead for this very scenario. Before we left, I did a few things to make the Monday after our trip a little smoother. First, I laid out my clothes for work. They were hanging neatly, ready to be worn. I had done some laundry before we left, and I kept one complete outfit out. Second, I saved some leftovers from Friday night so that I could pack them for my lunch on Monday. I certainly didn't want to be making a salad or sandwich at 11:00 Sunday night! Grab and go was much nicer! Third, I had planned an easy dinner for Monday evening. I planned pita pizzas, and that meant minimal meal prep and clean up.

Taking a little bit of time before we traveled made for a much smoother Monday-after. As for the pile in the front room..... Well, we'll just save that conversation for another day.

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Gina said...

Good thinking! I always try to wash our sheets before we leave so I can come home exhausted from "vacation with the kids" and slip into a clean, cozy bed.

Found you through WFMW. Thanks for sharing!

Amy Lynne said...

So smart!

Sharon said...

These are great tips! better yet, I always return at least a day or two before I have to do anything, including work, just so I can have some "vacation" from my vacation! :)

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

We are living in post-travel chaos right now! After a week’s vacation, we returned Sunday night. I had done all our laundry before we left and had clean sheets and towels ready for us. And I’d run the dishwasher, too. That was helpful. Also good was my husband unpacking like crazy the second we got home, while I kept our daughter entertained (and tried to prevent a post-travel meltdown!). But the suitcase with MY clothes is still sitting in front of my closet, and I have not had the energy to clean a single dish since we got home! Ugh – I plan to get it all picked up and cleaned tonight, but you’re right – post-travel is hard!

I love your ideas to have your Monday clothes and lunch ready – that’s so smart!!

Frugal Fine Living said...

Smart planning! We're on vacation this week, and I am not looking forward to unpacking when we return home. I had every intention of changing the sheets on the beds before leaving but only got as far as removing them.


A happy heart at home said...

Great ideas! I try to do some of those things, too.


★ MamaKat ★ said...

Wow you're smart! I would never think to do something so simple as to plan for after the trip! Kudos to you!

Lori said...

Great ideas!

I just love your blog layout and the colors!!! Very nice!

Amanda said...

Great tip! We're going to be going on a vacation at the end of the month and I'm definitely pre-planning for the homecoming like you did!

Stop by my blog to read about a huge giveaway to the launch of my new inspirational carnival coming Monday called Just to Motivate Your Monday!!

Jennifer said...

Great ideas! I am trying to be better about planning ahead.