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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gratituesday: A Blank Day

You don't realize how busy your family has gotten until you see it....

A blank day on the calendar!

It happened to me last night. I did a quick check of the calendar to see if there was anything out-of-the ordinary going on. That's when I saw it. A day on our calendar with absolutely NOTHING written in it.

That just does something to you that I can't explain. I knew that today was ours to do whatever we wanted to do. So, with a deep sigh of relief, I'm off to enjoy my day!

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Brilliant Moms said...

We love a blank day on our calendar! We also love saving and giving! I hope you will join us on Thrifty Thursday with your money saving ideas!

shopannies said...

how sweet it is to have a free day enjoy it as I know what you mean about a full calendar

Moms in Need of Mercy said...

Isn't that just so relaxing? Nothing makes me say "ahhh" more :)Hope you enjoyed your day!