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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kmart Super Doubles - NOT So Super

I just got an email back from Kmart explaining the next round of super double coupons, and it's WAY different from the others that they've done. Here's what the email said.

Kmart is participating in the “Double Your P & G BrandSaver Coupons”which will be advertised in Sunday, Sept 27th newspaper. The event is running from 9/27/09 through 10/3/2009. All Procter & Gamble coupons that include the name “Procter & Gamble” in the coupon disclosure areincluded. If this verbiage does not appear in the disclosure, thecoupon can be accepted at face value only. The limit is 10 doubledcoupons, per day, per customer.

As you can see, ONLY P&G coupons will be honored this time.


Ray said...

I know it feels terrible, but, at least Kmart in your area is doubling Q's. They keep stiffing us here in NH! They never double the Q's up here.

newmami_rgv said...

Do you have the link to see if my Texas is participating?