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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kroger Triple Coupons This Weekend!

My bloggy friend Kristin just commented letting me know that our local Kroger stores are tripling coupons up to $.50 this weekend. Yay!

I plan my triple coupon trips using these steps:
  1. First, I start a word processing document on my computer. I type faster than I write, so you could replace this step with paper and pencil. It's just easier for me to type.

  2. I flip through my coupon binder and note all of the coupons I have that are valued at $.50 and less. I kind of know my prices now, so I know which ones will make a good deal when tripled.

  3. I add the coupon to my word processing list, along with the value and how many coupons I have for each item.
    Example: Betty Crocker Warm Delights - $.50 ($1.50) - 3
    Notice that I also note what the tripled value will be. It's kind of a no-brainer when it's a $.50 coupon, but when I'm in hunting mode at the store, I don't want to be mentally tripling $.45 to see if it makes a good deal.

    Note: I do NOT take the coupons out of my binder at this time. I may find that it's not a great deal, even with my coupon. Then I would just have to put away a bunch of coupons. It's more efficient to take my list and my binder shopping and pull coupons as needed.

  4. I then cut and paste to rearrange my list according to the layout of my Kroger store. This makes the shopping much faster!

  5. I take my list and my binder to Kroger. I try to do trips like this without Emma, but she has gone with me in the past. I make sure that I have something to entertain her, and I try to go when I'm not in a hurry or a bad mood.

  6. I go right down through my list and check prices, buying only what we need or what is free/almost-free.

  7. As I find items that I'm going to buy, I get the coupons out of my binder. I place them in an envelope that I have just for that trip's coupons. That way, when I get to the register, I'm armed with my coupons. I don't have to sort through them; they're ready to go.

I hope that helps if you ever have a triple coupon event like this! I've also used this method with the Kmart super double coupon events. Do you have any other tips that you use?


Kristin K. said...

I guess I have no choice but to cut out the last 2 Sundays worth of coupons tonight so I'm organized for tomorrow! Lol. Thanks for the tips on how to plan before you head to the store. They sound good!

Jennifer said...

Thank YOU for the heads-up about the triples. I had a feeling that they might do them this weekend, because they seem to time them with the mega events.

If you're baking, be sure to print out the Tollhouse chocolate chip coupons here:
They should make the chips $1.24 a bag. Not bad with Christmas coming!