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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - Week of 9/13

Well, company just left Wednesday, and more is on the way this Thursday. Our house must be the place to be! This time my cousin from VA will be visiting, and I'm excited! I haven't seen her in WAY TOO LONG. That said, I have one up-in-the-air night for dinner. I can't decide what to do the night she arrives, and right now it just depends on whether or not I'm working that day.

Here's what's on the menu for the other nights.

Leftover grilled pork chops
Leftover green beans with ham, garlic, and butter (YUM!)
Leftover parsley potatoes

Five Can Soup in the Crock Pot (recipe HERE)
Homemade Bread
I'm not working this day, but using my Crock Pot will free me to do whatever needs done around the house to get ready for company.

Leftover Soup & Bread

Thursday - ??????

Homemade Pizza

Grilled Chicken
Homemade Applesauce
Fresh Green Beans
Baked Potato Bar

Sunday - ??????

If anyone has some great ideas for Thursday and Sunday, feel free to send them my way!! Maybe I'll check out the menu plans of others and see if anything jumps out at me! I think we'll probably be heading over to my parents' house on one of the nights she's here, so that may shift things around a bit.

For more great menu plans, visit Menu Plan Monday hosted by I'm an Organizing Junkie.


newmami_rgv said...

Since you'll have company over why not do a quick fix casserole? There are some great recipes at If you go out to eat don't forget coupons or reward cards; like TGIFridays. I hope you enjoy your company.

Anonymous said...

Chicken & Rice casserole- 1 1/2 cups instant rice, 1 can cream of chicken soup,1 can of water(or broth from boiling chicken), 2-3 chicken breast boiled and shredded,1 can of frenches onions. In a 9x13 dish mix the rice with the cream of chicken and can of water/broth and shredded chicken. Cook at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Take it out and sprinkle the frenches onions over it and cook for another 5 minutes. My family loves this! I combine it with veggies like green beans and corn.

Anonymous said...

tried a great recipe last week cranberry bbq sauce chicken.
brown chicken breast in skillet. remove dice onion and cook until translucent add 1 cup of bbq sauce and 1 can of (whole) cranberry sauce (you want the cranberries it adds lots of texture to the sauce). Cook until mixed, spoon over chicken and bake until chicken is done. Served with a crusty bread and some scalloped potatoes. It was wonderful, even took it to some shut ins from church they loved it