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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rite Aid Round 2

Merchandise Value: $25.96
Out-of-Pocket Cost: $15.96 plus tax
Single Check Rebate: $12.00
Net Cost: $3.96
Savings: $22.00 (85%)

We stopped at Rite Aid again today to pick up two more packs of Huggies GoodNites. This makes me eligible for the $10 Single Check Rebate, and it ups my Fall Gift of Savings total (more information HERE). They look at your pre-coupon total when figuring out your Gift of Savings spending levels. I'm up to over $75 now. When I get to $100, I'll get a $20 Rite Aid gift card. Yay!

On to what we got today.....

What I Bought:
2 Huggies GoodNites - $22.00 ($11.00 each)
4 Nabisco Cookie Packs - $3.96 ($.99 each)

Coupons Used:
-$5.00 off any $25.00 purchase
-$1.50 off x 2 GoodNites printable coupons (no longer available)
-$1.00 off 2 x 2 Nabisco coupons from the Nabisco calendar home mailer

Merchandise Total: $25.96
Out-of-Pocket Cost: $15.96 plus tax
Single Check Rebate: $12.00
Net Cost: $3.96
Savings: $22.00 (85%)

With my first trip (HERE), I spent a total of $19.43 plus tax out-of-pocket. I'll be getting back $17.50 in Single Check Rebates. That's means that everything I bought this week ends up costing me less than $2.00 after rebates.

I also got my rebate check from last month today. I'll use that $12.49 to cover my out-of-pocket for this week. Overall, it's been a GREAT week at Rite Aid!


Kristin K. said...

Hi Jennifer, I just wanted to let you know that I saw in tonight's paper Krogers in Steubenville is doing triple coupons Fri, Sat, and Sun! I would think St. Clairsville is also. Hopefully there are some good deals!