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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday: The Ultimate Spill Cleaner-Upper

My friend Julie gets credit for this idea. She just told me that her mom always keeps a spare diaper in their car glove compartment... and it's not for toddlers' accidents! She uses it when someone spills something in the car.

This was an idea born of necessity -- as all great ideas are -- and one that really works. She had a small passenger who caused a big spill, and there was nothing in the car to clean it with. So, she looked through the diaper bag. All she saw was a diaper. That was the AHA! moment. Diapers are incredibly absorbent! She opened up the diaper and laid it on the spill. It soaked it right up. Now she keeps a spare diaper in her glove compartment all the time.

I have some swimming diapers that Emma didn't use once she was potty trained. I'm thinking that those might work? So they're headed for the van. It works for me!

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Wanda said...

That's just amazing!
Great tip!

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

Great Idea! I recently spilled water in my own seat and grabbed a diaper as to not get my pants wet but I STILL didn't think to have one ready for future use :)

Life is Good said...

That is a great idea.
But I don't think swim diapers are more absorbant. I think they put less, absorbies in them, so that babies aren't so heavy in the water. But I actually have no idea.

Lyn said...

Life if good is correct, swim diapers are not absorbent. They are basically made to hold in #2 accidents and that's about it.