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Saturday, October 24, 2009

FREE Nerds at Kroger

I stopped at Kroger this morning to get more granola bars (picture and details later) and found FREE candy! Kroger has their Wonka fun size bags of Nerds on sale for $2.00. The posted price is $2.50, but they rang up at $2.00 each. Use the $2.00 off Wonka printable coupon HERE, and get them FREE!! I was pretty excited, and my cashier was impressed.

These will be great if you have trick-or-treaters coming to your house. We don't, but we'll be sending these to Emma's preschool teacher. She gives the kids little snacks like this when they stay on the "green light" for good behavior each day. I love being able to support Emma's preschool by sending in the things I snag free or almost-free!


Drama Queen said...

I love your blog - it always has good tips and you really devote time and effort to it....

This title just cracked me up. I thought they were giving away "geeky, nerdy" people at Kroger's - it took me a minute to realize "Nerds" is a food!

Keep up the good work!


Jennifer said...

Crack me up! I was actually laughing when I typed the title. I didn't think anyone but me would catch that. :) I tried to find a picture of the Nerds, but I couldn't. When I did a search, I kept finding pictures of nerdy people.

Kathy S. said...

Thanks for the tip on the candy! I stopped at Kroger today and got 3 bags of Nerds, 3 bags of Nestle candy, and 2 Purely Decadent soy frozen desserts. After coupons, the final price was only $5.98, then I got a printed coupon good for $3.00 off my next Kroger purchase compliments of Nestle! Awesome!