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Monday, October 19, 2009

Gratituesday: My House Smells Like a Bakery

My mother-in-law is coming tomorrow evening so that she can attend Emma's preschool Grandparent's Day event along with my parents. Though I'm taking it easy with the menu planning this week (allowing us to recover from being sick last week), I didn't want to shortchange our guest. Yes, yes, I know that I'm trying to break my habit of going overboard when people visit. I just want her to feel welcome and have a nice meal to eat. But I have to balance that with no overdoing it just yet... a fine line, especially for me.

I had a little surge of energy today, so I took advantage of some modern conveniences to make our house smell like a bakery! I had homemade applesauce going in the Crock Pot, a loaf of wheat bread going in the bread machine, and two pumpkin bundt cakes in the oven. Combine the spices and smell of homemade bread, and it's quite appealing! And all with minimal effort.

This week I am thankful for our returning health, a house that's presentable (and smelling quite yummy), and a special day for Emma to spend with some of her grandparents. What more could I ask for?


A JoyFilled Life said...

Beautiful! I love the smell of applesauce, bread & pumpkin!

Casey said...

I hope you enjoy your visit with you mother in law. I glad that health is returning in your house and I pray that further illness stays away! Have a blessed day!

Amy Lynne said...

Sounds like a great day to me! Enjoy your company!