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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kmart Round 2: Making a $5.49 Profit

As promised, here are the details of my trip to Kmart today.
First the picture....

Merchandise Value: $99.38
Out-of-Pocket: $4.31 plus tax (a total of $7.01)
Kmart Coupons Earned: $7.50 ($2.50 Free Candy, $5 off $5)
Rebate: SCJohnson $5 (Ziploc)
Net Cost: $5.49 PROFIT

Here's what I bought along with the coupons that I used.

I started with the $5.00 off $50.00 purchase coupon HERE.

Duracell Batteries - $6.00
Used $2.00 off coupon (doubled to $4) from Kmart savings booklet
This booklet was available during the last round of super doubles at Kmart.
Final Price: $2.00

Kotex Liners - $1.29 each ($3.87)
Used 2 $.75 off coupons from 8/23 SmartSource insert
Used 1 $1.00 off coupon from a sample I got in the mail
Final Price: FREE

2 Poise Liners (to donate) - $3.55 each ($7.10)
Used 2 $2.00 off coupons from September Parade Magazine
You could also use the $1.00 off printable HERE. Not free, but cheaper.
Final Price: FREE
Does anyone know a good place for me to donate these? I have a big bag full of them from the last time CVS had a deal on them.

2 Kids Crest Toothpaste (with *SPARKLES*) - $2.29 each ($4.58)
Used 2 $1.00 off coupons from 9/27 P&G insert
Final Price: $.29 each (SPARKLES = Priceless!)

1 Tampax Pearl (20 count) - $4.49
Used $2.00 off coupon from a sample I got in the mail
Final Price: $.49

2 Dove Ultimate Deodorant - $3.99 each ($7.98)
Used 2 $2.00 off printable coupons HERE
Final Price: FREE

4 Ziploc Freezer Bags - $2.00 each ($8.00)
Used 2 $1.00 off 2 coupons from 9/13 SmartSource insert
You could use the $1.50 off 2 printable coupon HERE to get a better deal.
Final Price: $1.00 each
** I'll be getting a $5 rebate from SCJohnson for these. Details HERE.

4 Hartz Crunch 'n Clean Dog Biscuits - $3.59 each ($10.77)
Used 4 $2.00 off coupons from 8/30 SmartSource insert
You could use the $2 off printable coupon HERE.
Final Price: FREE
These are headed for the animal shelter tomorrow. I bought coupons on eBay thinking I could stock up for my own dog, but I didn't realize that the best-if-used-by date would be so close! I'm sure the shelter will use them by April. I kept enough - but not too many - for my own dog.

2 Friskies Natural Sensations Cat Treats - $1.99 each ($3.98)
Used 2 FREE coupons from 9/27 SmartSource insert
Final Price: FREE

Snuggle Fabric Softener - $3.25
Used $1.00 off printable coupon HERE
Final Price: $1.25

2 Tic Tac Chill - $1.49 each ($2.98)
Used 2 $.75 off coupons from 9/20 Red Plum insert
Final Price: FREE

2 Pepsi 20 oz. - $1.49 each ($2.98)
Used a Buy 1 - Get 1 FREE cap from a previous bottle
This coupon doubled because the individual item price is under $2. Had it been more than $2, it would not have doubled for me.
Final Price: Both FREE

1 Lifesaver Pep-o-Mints - $1.67
Used $1.00 off coupon from the last bag
There's another $1 off coupon in this bag too!
Final Price: FREE

1 Juicy Juice Immunity - $2.50
Used $1.00 off coupon from the Nestle calendar (info HERE)
Final Price: $.50

4 Hershey Kisses (2 milk chocolate, 2 dark chocolate) - $2.50 each ($10)
Used 2 $1.00 off Hershey Kiss coupons from 9/13 SmartSource insert
Used 2 $1.00 off Special Dark coupons from 9/27 SmartSource insert
Final Price: $.50 each
This purchase earned me a coupon good for $2.50 off ANY candy between 11/8 and 11/25!

1 Ragu Pasta Sauce - $1.99
Used $.50 off coupon from Kmart savings booklet
This booklet was available during the last round of super doubles at Kmart.
Final Price: $.99

5 Special K Cereals - $2.50 each ($12.50)
Used 5 $1.00 off coupons HERE and HERE
You'll need multiple computers to print 5 copies of this coupon.
Final Price: $.50 each
This purchase earned me an instant $5 off at checkout, making them better-than-free!

Cherry Dr. Pepper 2-liter - $1.25
Used $.75 off coupon from a Kroger home mailer
The Kroger coupon was a manufacturer's coupon, not a Kroger store coupon. That means that it can be used anywhere.
Final Price: FREE

If you got some great deals this week, be sure to share them either in the comments section below or as a linky on the post HERE.


Preppy Little Dress said...

Nice job!

Anonymous said...

How do you know when KMart or any store is doubling coupons? I use coupons but I never get anything for FREE! I just found your blog this week - thanks for sharing all your tips!

Anonymous said...

my kmart told me there is a 10 coupon maximum per visit, i guess that would prevent me from reaching the $50 to get $5.00 off : (

The Prudent Homemaker said...

Can't the women's shelter that you mentioned earlier use them?

Jennifer said...

Prudent Homemaker - I thought about that. However it seems that most of the ladies who end up there are younger and may not be in need of these quite yet. I think I'll check with them to be sure. Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous #1 - If you want to know if your local store is participating, you can either call customer service at 1-866-562-7848 or email them at The sale is through Saturday, so it might be worth your while.

Anonymous #2 - Usually the 10 coupon limit means that they'll only double 10. You can still use other coupons. They just won't double. (Although the registers are programmed to accept however many you give them.) So you could use the $5 off $50, double your 10 best coupons, and then use other coupons to fill in the difference. I guess this varies from store to store. Fortunately, you can still get some great deals even without the $5 off coupon!

Anonymous said...

thank you jennifer for clarification : )
- anonymous #2

Leslie said...

Hi! For the poise pads, you could try an alzheimer's agency if you have one in your area. I know the one in Alabama accepts donations of incontinence products because that is one of the services they provide to their clients. Or an agency that provides services and assistance to seniors.

Kristin K. said...

Thanks for the tip about the Crest Kid's Toothpaste and the Dr. Pepper; I also got that coupon in the mail. I went yesterday, and pretty much did the same deals you did. I did get some different dog treats, using peelies I got off some packages I bought awhile ago. I also found the Tic Tac Chill, and Hershey Bliss bars. My before total was $89.27, and my after total was $6.15! I hope Kmart does doubles again before Christmas; It's one of the best ways to stockpile.

Megan said...

Gotta love a trip that makes you money! Great idea to donate Poise to the alzheimer's agency. I would also suggest a nursing home or assisted living center. I actually donated mine to our local food pantry, because I know that they serve a lot of elderly clients that could use them.