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Friday, November 20, 2009

Children's Clothing Deal

Brandy from The Prudent Homemaker emailed me to let me know about this deal.

I don't know if you've ever ordered through for uniform clothing. My children are homeschooled, but I still like to get basic blouses for my daughter to wear under her jumpers. They also have ties, dress shirts for boys (which I think of as church shirts), nice pants, sweaters, etc., and their regular prices are less than what I have seen on clearance at other stores. Some examples of prices: a 3-pack of cable-knit tights for $9.98, girls blouses for $6.50-$10.00, boys dress pants for $13-$15, boys dress shirts for $8-$9, ties for $3.98, etc. (think of Christmas pictures and church clothing!). The larger sizes could be a bit more but I have small children so I didn't look at those prices. They even have blouses in a size 2T, so I could get something for my littlest daughter!

Right now they are having a sale. 15% off girls blouses and boys dress shirts and 10% off pants. The coupon code is QE9KW3. The sale is today through the 23rd.

I have ordered from them before through ebates, but ebates doesn't have this coupon code (they do have others, including a 25% off accessories code), so I don't know that they'll credit my account, but I did try ordering through them anyway.

My total came to just over $22 with the discount (before shipping). When I was checking out, it said that all orders over $20 would receive a free one-year subscription to Family Fun magazine. (I already have a subscription to this that I got for free elsewhere, so I don't know if I'll get duplicates or if my subscription will be
lengthened). If you didn't want the subscription, you could opt out. It was very clear about the fact that you would NOT be charged for the subscription.

Again, the sale runs through Monday, November 23. If you have children, it might be worth investigating!

Thanks, Brandy!