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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Frugal Friday: Starting Small with Rebates

It seems like I've been finding some great rebate deals lately. Toys 'R Us and Hasbro are offering rebates on games right now. Rite Aid has Single Check Rebates every week. Nabisco and Keebler have food rebates going on. Whew! That's a lot of money back.

But it's also a lot of money up front.

I've had several friends dive into the world of frugal shopping lately, and I'm sure that the lure of the rebate is pretty attractive to newcomers. My best advice would be to take it slow. While you may want to rush out and buy every product and send for every rebate, it could take a serious chunk of your budget to do that.

My idea? (Glad you asked!) Start slowly, and roll the rebates. I recommend doing a couple of rebates to start with. Then, when the rebate check arrives, cash it and keep it in an envelope. Use this money to purchase your next rebate-generating items. In fact, try to grow the money so that you have even more to spend next month. If you're a CVS veteran, think of rebates just like you do your Extra Care Bucks. Keep using them to generate new ones. That way, you're not using your regular income to buy items that generate rebates.

There truly are some great deals to be had! Let's pinkie swear to move slowly and only buy items that our budgets can truly afford.

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