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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kroger Trip - Stayed Under Budget

I always love it when I stay under budget at the grocery store! Especially when that total includes stocking up on cereal. This week it was Cheerios! In fact, we were able to try some new kinds of Cheerios that we hadn't tried before. Trying new products, especially ones that we may not have thought to try before, is a fun benefit of bargain shopping. We have all given a big thumbs-up to the Fruity Cheerios. This is going to be a fun snack food to have. Emma thinks she's getting a sweet treat, and I'm satisfied that she's getting whole grains!

Here's what we got this week. (Click to enlarge the picture.)

Spent: $61.86
Saved: $53.28 (46%)
Catalinas Earned: $2.00 (for the Dole, I think?)

Though I usually get more for my $62, I was pretty pleased with this trip. I didn't spend much time preparing for it, and I even included a pack of $1.99 construction paper that I needed to send to my daughter's school tomorrow. This is usually an item I'd get for free or next-to-free, but today it wasn't worth the extra stop anywhere else! I also bought eggs out of habit... Didn't even need them! Oops! I'm thinking about trying to make some breakfast sandwiches or burritos and freezing them. Then we can pop them out whenever we need them. Has anyone out there ever tried freezing eggs like that before?

You'll also notice the can of Bud Light -- not a normal purchase for us. I'm hoping to call my friend to get her beer bread recipe this week. I've heard it's wonderful, and I'm dying to try it!

You can see my list of this week's Kroger Deals HERE.


Megan said...

Great trip! I love every kind of cheerios. We eat lots of cherios in our house. The multi-grain ones are super yummy too.