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Friday, November 6, 2009

Menu Planning & Why I Skipped the Grocery Store

Did you notice that I didn't do a Menu Plan Monday post this week? That's because **gasp** I went into this week with absolutely no menu plan. I can't say that it was a perfect or stress-free week at all, but we did eat decent meals and survive.

And I didn't go to the grocery store.

Oh, the Kroger Mega Event beckoned me. But I resisted.

I went about $20 over my regular weekly budget when I shopped at Kroger last week (see HERE). But I had the cash to pay for it, I planned on not doing much shopping this week to make up for it, and it contributed to my cupboards being well-stocked. We had plenty to pull from to get creative with meals.

That's the beauty of stockpiling. One of the best benefits that we've seen is that you can eat from your pantry/fridge/freezer and not have to add a grocery store run to an already hectic week. Between the road trip for the birth of my new niece, my work schedule, and having Emma at the doctor twice, I was incredibly thankful for the freedom to not shop.

In case you're wondering, here's what we ended up having this week.

The week was so hectic that I seriously don't remember!

Chicken spaghetti made by hubby

Southwest Chicken Roll-Ups

An on-the-fly concoction of sauteed mushrooms, diced/cooked chicken from the freezer, and a Lipton flavored noodle mix (We all liked it!) with salads on the side

Scrambled Omelet, banana bread, sliced apples

Trust me... I'm doing a menu plan for next week. I don't think I can do two weeks in a row without some type of plan. I'll keep you posted on what's cooking next week!

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