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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas, My Bloggy Friends!

Today I got to eavesdrop on Emma as she "taught" her "class" in our living room. Her class is made up of several mini My Little Ponies, mini Ty babies, and other small toys. I just snuck in and took a class picture for you. It helps to picture the scene...

She had her echo microphone, and she was calling the class members up one by one. When she got to Starsong (a My Little Pony), she asked Starsong to share with the class the story of Jesus' birth. Starsong proceeded to tell a story that went a little something like this....

The shepherds were watching their sheep in the hills. All of the sudden there were angels everywhere! The angels told them that Jesus was born. The shepherds went to see Him. When they left, they went back to their sheep. They were shouting praises to God!

There you have it. A real reason to shout. God loved us enough to send Jesus, His one and only Son, to save us. And He loves us each so much that He would have sent Jesus if it had just been me... or you... or any one of us. He offers the gift of His love freely. There's no need for us to earn it or complete a checklist of tasks in order to receive it.

That sums up Christmas around our house. God's Son... Coming as a baby... Changing the world... Changing our lives... All because He loves us.

I pray that you will open your heart to the wonder of His love this Christmas.