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Monday, February 1, 2010

Diapers for My Niece: $.13 Each!

I love helping my brother and sister-in-law find awesome diaper deals for my niece. It's one way that I can help them spend less on the necessities. (Who wants to pay more than you have to for stuff you throw away!?!?) I was thrilled to find this diaper deal for them.

If you don't need diapers, keep reading. This deal can be used to purchase great gifts for baby showers or new mommies! It's not limited to diapers!

We got 1 case plus 1 jumbo pack of Pampers, a total of 190 size 3 and 2-3 diapers, for $26.01. That breaks down to about $.13 each. You can score the same deal on the brand of your choice. Here's how:
  1. Go to and register for a new account. (This is for new customers only.)

  2. Add $49 worth of merchandise to your cart. Get as close to $49 as you can. That's the minimum amount required to score free shipping. You can choose diapers, or you can choose other baby merchandise. No matter what you choose, you'll still save a ton.

  3. Watch for the clickable coupons. We found a $2 off clickable coupon for Pampers. You could only redeem it on one of your packages of diapers, but I'm not complaining about an additional $2 in savings!

  4. Begin the checkout process.

  5. During checkout, use the referral code JZTU2656 to receive an instant $10 discount!

  6. Complete your checkout process, and print a copy of your order confirmation.

  7. Head over HERE, and print a rebate form good for $14.97. It actually says that it's for a free magazine subscription. However, at the bottom you'll read that it's good for either a free magazine subscription or a check for $14.97. It requires a proof of payment, and you can use the printed order confirmation for that. In fact, you can request your rebate before your order even arrives!

Here's what our order looked like:
1 Pampers Cruisers Large Case Diapers - Size 3 - $42.99
1 Pampers Swaddlers Jumbo Pack Diapers - Size 2-3 - $9.99

-$2.00 instant clickable coupon
-$10.00 referral code savings
-FREE Shipping!!
-$14.97 rebate

Total Cost: $26.01 or $.13 per diaper

I shopped through Shop at Home, and I earned a $.60 rebate back just for going through their website. To learn more about how Shop at Home works, read my post HERE. If you sign up (or if you're already a member -- it's totally FREE!), be sure to enter my $50 Godiva Chocolate gift card giveaway that's being sponsored by Shop at Home. You can do that HERE.


Anonymous said...

go through the pampers rewards site and get an extra 200 or 500 extra points (I don't remember which but I know it was one of those)

Jennifer said...

Do you mean entering the point codes from the packages? If so, I'll let my sister-in-law know to do that. I think she just set up an account with Pampers and Huggies for their rewards programs. I wasn't thinking about all the points these would earn. That makes it an even better deal!!