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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Walgreens Deals - Week of 2/21

This week's Walgreens deals are brought to us courtesy of Shelly from Coupon Teacher. Thanks, Shelly!

Excedrin 20 - 24 ct tablets, caplets, express gels $2.50(Menstrual Complete Get $2 RR) $2/1 IP=Money maker for Menstrual Complete

Scrubbing Bubbles Soap Scum Trigger Kit 25 oz. $7.99, get $3 RR
$.50/1 March All You or $1/1 1/10 SS= as low as $3.99 after coupons and RR

Get $5 RR WYB 2 or more Participating Breathe Right and Abreva products
Abreva Cold Sore Pump .07 oz $15.99
$3/1 2/7 RP=$21.98/2 after coupons and RR
Breathe Right Nasal Strips 26-30ct, 2 oz Spray $9.99
$2/1 or $1/1 1/03 RP=$11.98/2 after coupons and RR

Zyrtec 25 or 30 ct. Liquid gels $18.99, Get $7 RR

Buy 2 Participating Tylenol Cold or Allergy Products, Get $3 RR
Tylenol Cold, Allergy, Rapid Release, Caplets, Tablets, 8 oz., 24 ct $4.99 each
$3/2 2/7 RP or $2/1 IP=as low as$2.98/2 after coupons and RR

Prilosec OTC 20mg 42ct $24.99, Get $5 RR
$3/1 2/7 PG=$17.99 after coupons and RR

Benefiber $9.99 each, Get coupon for FREE Benefiber Drink Mix Stick Pack 18ct
S/F Powder 62 Dose
S/F Powder+Calcium 48 Dose
SF Orange 58 Dose
Nutriose Chewable Assorted 100 ct
Nutriose Powder 48 Dose
Stick Pack 28 ct
$2/1 IP

Hershey's pieces(10 or 10.5 oz) 2/$5, Get $5 RR wyb $10
$1/1 1/31 SS=$.25 each wyb four

Right Guard BOGO $2/2 IP

Goody Ouchless Elastics $2.99, Get $2 RR

Softsoap Hand Pump Soap Assorted Variety 7.5 oz $0.99
$0.35/1 IP
$0.50/1 March All You

Softsoap Body Wash Assorted Variety 15 - 18 oz $2.99
$1/1 1/31 SS

Aqaufina Drinking Water 16.9 oz. 24pk $3.99

Mitchum Men’s or Women’s $1.99 after in ad coupon
$.75/1 1/17 SS=$1.24 after coupons

Entire Line of Foster Grant Reader Glasses BOGO

CoverGirl Cosmetics BOGO 50%
$1/1 and $2.50/2 2/7 PG

Revlon Cosmetics BOGO 50%
$1/1 1/17 SS

Breyers Ice Cream 48 oz. BOGO $6.29

Sunkist, A&W Rootbeer, Hawaiian Punch, Canada Dry Ginger Ale 3/$3.96, Get Diet 7 Up free after in ad coupon wyb 3

Glad Forceflex 25ct, Draw Tall Kitchen 40ct, Quick Tie 80ct, Forceflex DS T/Kit 38ct, Forceflex Odor Shield 34ct, Drawstring Tall 45ct, Drawstring Trash 28ct $5.99
Feb IVC Book $1.00

Nature's Bounty Vitamins & Supplements BOGO
$1/1 2/14 RP or $2/1 IP

Gold Seal Vitamins & Supplements BOGO

Osteo Bi-Flex BOGO
$5/1 1/24 RP

Move Free BOGO
$5/1 1/17 SS

Ocuvite BOGO 50%
$2.00 Feb IVC Book

Hydrogen Peroxide 3/$1.00 after in ad coupon

Hyponex Potting Soil 8lb $0.99 after in ad coupon

Walgreens Brand Premium or Comfort Smooth Diapers, Baby Wipes 77-80ct or Training Pants BOGO 50% Off

American Value Packet, Garden Flower or Garden Vegetable Seeds 5/$1.00 after in ad coupon

Trident Layers $.99
$.75/1 2/7 SS=$.25 each

Keebler Cookies and Crackers BOGO
$1/1 Club crackers Jan. Parade Magazine

Pringles 3/$4 (excludes fat free)
$1/2, $.50/1, or $.50/2 1/31 RP

Monthly Deals
Joint Juice $10, 30 ct., Get $10 RR
FREE after RR

Lypsyl Orig Stick .10 oz, $2.99 Get $2 RR
=$.99 after RR

Buy five (5) Axe Products (no trial), Get two (2) Free Movie Tickets or Buy three (3) Axe Products (no trial), Get one (1) Free Movie Ticket 25% off again!

Buy $20 or Nyquil or Dayquil $5.00, Get $10 RR
$2.00/1 1/17 PG or $1.50/ 2/7 PG =$2 for 4 after coupons and RR

Gillette Fusion or Venus $8.99, Get $4 RR
$4/1 Fusion 2/7 PG=$.99 after coupons and RR
$2/1 Venus 2/7 PG
Olay Body Wash FREE wyb Venus Razor 2/7 PG=$2.99 for body wash and razor after coupons and RR

Old Spice, Secret or Gillette anti-perspirant/deodorant, Get $1.50 RR
Old Spice Anti-Perspirant Deodorant or Body Wash $1/2 2/7 PG
Gillette Antiperspirant/Deodorant BOGO 2/7 PG
Secret Flawless $.50/1 1/17 PG

John Frieda Root Awakening products 3/$15, Get $5 RR
$5/2 and $2.00/1 IP=$3/3 after coupons and RR

Triaminic or Theraflu Products at $5 ea, Get $5 RR wyb 2
Triaminic Thin Strips, Liquid 4 oz or Nasal Spray
$1.50/1 2/07 SS
Theraflu 6 packets or Liquid 8.3 oz
$2/1 IP or $2/1 IP or $1.50/1 2/07 SS =as low as $1/2 after coupons and RR

Buy $20, Get $5 RR or Buy $30, get $10 RR
Participating products : Healthy Choice, Quaker, Hunts, Wesson, Omron, Orville Redenbacher, Coricidin, Colgate, Bayer, Citrical, One A Day, Centrum or Cheerios
Healthy Choice Steamer Sesame Chicken 10.3 oz., Healthy Choice Grilled Chicken & Basil 10.6 oz. 2/$5.00
$1/2 Booklet and Home mailer
Hunts Tomato Sauce 8 oz. .39 after in-ad coupon
$1/5 Booklet or $1/3 IP (must play game)
Colgate Toothpaste; Max Fresh, Total, Max White 6 oz., 360 Tooth Brush $2.49
$.75/1 2/21 SS

Some tips to remember about Walgreens and RR:
  • Some exclusions do apply, for example RR can’t be used on gift cards, stamps, alcohol, etc.

  • Most RR won’t roll on the exact same item or even the same manufacturer. If you buy a toothbrush and get a RR, you can’t use that RR to buy another toothbrush and get another RR.

  • You need to spend more than the value of the RR. For example, if you have a $10RR, you’d need to spend at least $10.01 when you checkout.

  • An RR is considered a coupon. When you check-out, you must have as many items as you do coupons. So if you are “stacking” coupons and have two for any particular item, you must make sure that you have another item that doesn’t have a coupon in order to use it.


Cyndi said...

Not sure if the sale is still on, but I was actually able to get my trident layers for free at Vons last week! $.75 coupon, the gum was on sale for $.99, and they double coupons up to $1.00!!