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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Walgreens Deals - Week of 3/14

This week's Walgreens deals are brought to us courtesy of Shelly from Coupon Teacher.

Full Line Of Revlon Cosmetics And Implements 40 % off, Get $5RR wyb $10
$2/1 2/21 SS = as low as free after coupon and RR

Colgate Advanced Enamel Strength or Sensitive Toothpaste, 6 oz $3.99, Get $4 RR $1.00/1 IP or $1/1 3/7 SS= -$1.01 after coupon and RR

Band-Aids and Neosporin, Get $3 RR wyb $10
Band-Aids $3
Neosporin $4
$3/2 Neosporin Product, Any (1) And (1) Band-Aid Product, Any Excluding Trial Sizes 2/21 SS
$1/1 Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid Brand Product, Any 1/3 RP =as low as $3 for two Band-Aids and one Neosporin

Gold Medal Flour $1.50 after in ad coupon
$.75/1 IP=$.75 each (great price!)

Jergen’s Natural Glow $7.49, Get $5 RR wyb 2
$1/1 3/7 SS=$7.98 for 2

50% off Entire Line of Rimmel Cosmetics
$3/1 Mascara March All You or $1/1 3/14 SS

Bic Brightliner Highlighter 5 pack $.49 after in-ad coupon
$1.00/2 8/9 SS=2 free after coupon

Aveeno Ageless Vitality $44.99, Get $10 RR
$5 IP and $10 Rebate= $19.99 after rebate RR and coupon

Purex Liquid Laundry Detergent BOGO
$1/1 IP (naturals)

Finish Electrasol 20ct. $3.49, Get $1 RR
$.50/1 IP

BOGO Entire Line Of Envy, Do Children, Studio 35, 5-Gear or Foster Sun Glasses

Playtex sport or Gentle Glide Tampons 36ct $6.99, Get $2 RR
$1/1 1/3 SS=$3.99 after coupon and RR

Pepsi 2 Liter Assorted 4/5.00 (Regional Pricing Varies)

Pepsi Products 4/$13.00, Get $3RR wyb 4 (Regional Pricing Varies)

Special K- Products 2/$9, Get $3 RR
$1/1 IP (Shakes)

BOGO Entire Line of Nature Bounty Vitamins & Supplement
$1/1 2/14 RP or $1/1 IP

BOGO Walgreen Line of Calcium Supplement

BOGO Schiff or Move Free Supplement
$3/1 2/7 SS or $2/1 IP

BOGO 2-24ct Excedrin Products
$1/1 2/28 SS

BOGO Entire of Gold Seal Vitamin & Supplement

BOGO 50% ICap Products
$2/1 1/17 SS

BOGO 50% Neutrogena Facial Care Products

Revlon Colorsilk $1.99 after in ad coupon

Get $5RR WYB 2 or More Participating Sudafed, Benadryl, Tylenol,or Zyrtec Products
Benadryl Child Allergy Fast Melts Cherry 18ct $1/1 3/14 RP
Benadryl Child Allergy Perfect Measure 10ct $1/1 3/14 RP
Benadryl Child Allergy Liquid Grape 4oz $1/1 3/14 RP
Zyrtec 24 Hour 10mg Tablet 14ct $2.50/1 2/28 SS
Zyrtec 24 Hour 10 mg Liquid Softgels 12ct $2.50/1 2/28 SS
Zyrtec D 12 Hour Tablets 12 ct 120 mg/Dose $2.50/1 2/28 SS
Sudafed PE Nighttime Cold Caplets 20ct $2/1 3/14 RP
Sudafed PE Triple Action Caplets 24c $2/1 3/14 RP
Benadryl Allergy Kapgel 24ct $1/1 3/14 RP
Benadryl Child Allergy Cherry Liquid 4oz $1/1 3/14 RP
Sudafed PE Sinus Allergy Tablet 24ct
Benadryl Severe Allergy Sinus Headache 20ct $1/1 3/14 RP
Sudafed PE 10mg Tablet 18ct $2/1 3/14 RP
Tylenol Child Plus Cold-Multi-Sympton Grape 4oz
Sudafed PE Child Decongestant Raspberry 4oz $2/1 3/14 RP
Sudafed PE Child/Cough Caplet 2ct $2/1 3/14 RP
Zyrtec 24 Hour Dye Free Grape 4oz $2.50/1 2/28 SS
Sudafed Nasal Mist Sinus/Congestion .5oz
Sudafed D Child/Decongestion Liquid 4oz 15mg/Dose
Tylenol Allergy Rapid Release Gel Caps 24ct $3/2 3/14 RP
Tylenol Severe/Allergy Caplets 24ct $3/2 3/14 RP
Tylenol Cough/Throat Night Liquid 8oz $3/2 3/14 RP
Tylenol Cold Rapid Release Gelcap Daytime 24 ct $3/2 3/14 RP
Tylenol Cold Severe M/S Daytime Caplets 24ct $3/2 3/14 RP

Reynolds Aluminum wrap 25ft $.89 after in ad coupon

Arizona Tea Assorted 16oz-23oz .59 after in ad coupon

Royal Gelatin $1/5 after in ad coupon

Scotch Mailers $1/3 after in ad coupon

Monthly Deals (Prices may vary)

Buy $15, get $5 RR; Buy $20 , get $10 RR
Vick's DayQuil or NyQuil $5
$1.50 off from 2/7, 2/21 or 3/7 PG= $4 for 4

$5 RR WYB 3 or more participating Huggies, Kotex, Cottonelle, Depend, Poise, Viva or Scott products
Pull Ups Jumbo Girl/Boy $8.99 $1/1 Huggies Diapers/Pull-Ups, Walgreens Activity Book and $2/1 IP
Huggies Pampers/Diapers Supreme Jumbo or Snug & Dry $8.99 $1/1 Huggies Diapers/Pull-Ups, Walgreens Activity Book and $1/1 2/28 SS or $2/1 IP
Huggies Wipes Natural Care Scented 216ct $5.99 $.50/1 2/28 SS
Depends 14 - 30ct $10.99 $2/1 Depend IP
Poise Pads 36 - 60ct $10.99 $1/1 2/21 SS
Scott Bath Tissue 12roll $6.99 $1/1 1/17 SS
Cottonelle Toilet Paper 12roll $5.99 $1/1 Aloe and E 1/17 SS or $1/1 IP
Viva 6roll Paper Towels $5.99 $.50/1 IP or Various Values in 2/21 SS
Kotex Pads 14-24 ct, Liners 48 or 64 ct or Tampons 18 ct $2.99 $1/1 any IP, $2/2 pads 1/10 SS, $1.50/2 products 1/10 SS

Buy $25 or more participating Zyrtec, Tylenol, Simply Sleep, St. Joseph, or Motrin products and get $10 RR
Zyrtec Itchy Eye Drops .17oz
Zyrtec-D 12 Hour Tablets 24ct 120mg/Dose
Simply Sleep Caplets 100ct
St Joseph 81mg Enteric Aspirin 180ct
Motrin IB Caplets 100ct
Tylenol Extra Strength Caplets 100ct $1/1 2/14 RP or 1/03 RP
Tylenol Rapid Release Gelcaps 100ct $1/1 2/14 RP or 1/03 RP
Tylenol PM Rapid Release Gelcaps 80ct $1/1 IP
Zrytec 24 Hour 10mg Tablets 30ct $4/1 2/28 SS or IP

Some tips to remember about Walgreens and RR:
  • Some exclusions do apply, for example RR can’t be used on gift cards, stamps, alcohol, etc.

  • Most RR won’t roll on the exact same item or even the same manufacturer. If you buy a toothbrush and get a RR, you can’t use that RR to buy another toothbrush and get another RR.

  • You need to spend more than the value of the RR. For example, if you have a $10RR, you’d need to spend at least $10.01 when you checkout.

  • An RR is considered a coupon. When you check-out, you must have as many items as you do coupons. So if you are “stacking” coupons and have two for any particular item, you must make sure that you have another item that doesn’t have a coupon in order to use it.