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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kroger Store Brand

I'm so thankful for Kroger. Not only are they only store in our area that doubles coupons up to 50 cents, but they also have the very best store brand items I've ever found.

I stopped today to pick up some odds and ends for dinners next week. As I was unloading my cart at the checkout, I realized that ((((GASP!!!)))) I wasn't using any coupons! When I was trying to figure out why, I realized that almost everything in my cart was produce, dairy, or Kroger brand. I don't have any coupons for those things right now, so I was coupon-less for this order.

I know that we save a TON of money each week by buying the Kroger store brand items. I haven't yet found anything made by them that I don't like. (I haven't tried cereal, because we can get better deals on major brands with our coupons.) I'm pretty sure they have a satisfaction guarantee, so we aren't even risking anything when we try something new.

Sometimes Kroger even prints out coupons for their brands. If you're a Kroger shopper, you probably have a store savings card. When the cashier scans it, be sure to catch the coupons that print for you. I had one recently that gave me 4 free Kroger brand yogurts when I bought 7. Not a bad deal!

If you haven't yet tried Kroger's store brand items (Kroger brand/Private Selection), I encourage you to give them a try! Maybe start with canned veggies and move to yogurt, spices, and salsa. You'll be pleasantly surprised!