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Monday, March 23, 2009

Money-Saving Term: Overage

I thought I'd start defining some money-saving terms that you may have seen around the blogosphere. If you're new to couponing, you may be wondering what exactly all of these words mean. Let's start with one of my favorites, overage.

Overage is money you save above and beyond the price of an item. Let me give an example. Sometimes that's easier to understand than a dictonary-style definition. (Though the English teacher in me can't leave out the dictionary-style definition!) MoneySavingMadness posted a $4 coupon for Knox products HERE today. She found Knox gelatin at Wal-Mart for $1.36. She purchased one, and handed over her $4 Knox coupon. The cashier scanned the coupon, and $4 came off of her total.

WAIT A MINUTE!!! You mean to tell me that she just spent $1.36 and saved $4.00? What happened to the leftover $2.64? She had purchased other items too, and she was going to be paying a small amount for each item. The $2.64 left from the Knox coupon came off her overall purchase total. That's overage.


I'm planning to make good use of this concept at my Kroger this week. I have a $5 off Glucerna cereal coupon (found HERE). If the sale isn't over, Kroger has Glucerna cereal for $3.99. The last time I used a coupon like this, I got the full $5 off my order. That means that I'm going have $1.01 overage. The 8 oz. Kroger cheeses are on sale this week for $1.00. That means that I could get 1 Glucerna cereal and 1 Kroger cheese and pay absolutely nothing.

I'm actually going to sweeten the deal a little bit. I followed Hip2Save's directions and printed two $10 off any 2 Glucerna product coupons a couple of weeks ago. (If the deal is still going, you can follow Hip2Save's directions HERE.) I can get 4 boxes of Glucerna at Kroger for $15.96. I have 2 of the $10 coupons, totaling $20 off my order. That gives me an overage of $4.04. That means I'm getting 4 of the Kroger cheeses for nothing!

Watch for high-value coupons, find out if your store allows overage, and use it to your advantage if they do!


CJ Sime said...

There are two fantastic overage deals at Walgreens this week.

The first is the Soliel Razors and Refills. they are clearanced to 3.59. use the $2 man. coupon from a few weeks ago and the ESB coupons for $2 off as well! total OOP: -.41

2nd. Purchase one regular Alka Seltzer(AS) ($4.29-4.79) and one Wake Up Call Alka Seltzer. Use the $2 peelies on the wake up call. Use a Wake up call free with purchase of another AS product. and Walgreens has a $2 clipper coupon in their weekly circular that will come off both products. OOP -1.17

Jennifer said...

CJ, you're making me jealous! I don't have a Walgreens! But this is a great example of overage. Snag a couple of these great deals for me!!

My Front Porch said...

I love overage too! I never knew it existed until about year ago. =)

Oh...and about that'll find out soon! Just keep stopping by!