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Monday, April 27, 2009

The Heart of a Giver

The name of this blog, Saving and Giving, came from my desire to find good deals and share what my family has with people who have less. It's amazing how giving often blesses the giver more than the recipient. But sometimes we feel like we have so little to give. Maybe you're trying to dump debt (like we are!) or are dealing with a reduction in your income. When this happens, you don't have extra money to give. But you can still be a giver!

I love hunting down deals, especially when I can get items free or almost-free. I usually snatch up great deals, even they're items that my family won't use. When I spot a good deal that we can't use, I always try to think of someone else who could use the item. Sometimes I can think of people who have very little. I can get extra shampoo, razors, or deodorant for the local battered women's shelter. When I get these items free or almost-free, I put them in a shopping bag. When the shopping bag gets full, I drop it off at the shelter's office. What a great way to supporting hurting women without breaking the bank.

Sometimes I get to bless my friends and family who aren't really in need. When I'm deal-hunting, I just happen to see something that I know they'll love. I enjoy snatching up bargains that bless my friends and family! I have a wonderful co-worker named Joanne who loves scented oil air fresheners. Whenever I find a great deal on these, I pass them on to her. She's amazing to work with, and it's one way that I can show my appreciation for her. I also ended up with LOTS of Glucerna coupons. I was able to pass on the cereal to my dad. My parents aren't needy, but I certainly enjoy sharing my great finds with them. It's one way that I can show them how much I love and appreciate them... and just let them know that I think about them! And it hardly costs me anything!

I've also been able to share glucose monitors with people who need them. You can read my post HERE about the problem of lost/broken glucose meters for people with limited financial resources. This is a great way to help someone in need! And it doesn't cost me a dime!

You can even keep your furry friends in mind when you're bargain shopping. I ended up with some free cat food not too long ago. Our cat is old and diabetic, so he has to eat the expensive food (ugh!). I ended up with Meow Mix, a good brand, but we couldn't use it. So I dropped it off at our local animal shelter. The people who were working that day were thrilled to have the food! They had just gotten a bunch of cats, so it was needed. Even if you don't have pets, you can still clip the pet coupons and watch for pet freebies. And it won't cost you anything!

Do you have any creative ways to give that are free or almost-free? Do you scour the sale flyers in search of deals for other people?


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Love this post, and am starting to really love your blog.