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Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Kroger Triple Coupon Finds

This has been such a hectic week that I just got to Kroger today for their triple coupon event. Nothing like waiting until the very last day! I prepared a little differently this time.

I started by browsing through my coupon binder. As I saw coupons that were worth 50 cents or less, I wrote down the item and the value of the coupon. I then typed this list in order according to the layout of my Kroger store. (I type faster than I write, so while typing a grocery list may seem a little over the edge, it's a time-saver for me!)

I took my list and my coupon binder to Kroger. I checked the price of each item, and I only grabbed the ones ended up being a good deal. As I put each item into my cart, I took the coupon out of my coupon binder and added it to my envelope for the trip. When I had made my way through the store, I had all of my coupons ready for my cashier. The actual scanning of the coupons was a breeze! I felt organized, and it took much less time than it did last time. I'm sticking with this organization process for future triples!

I'm sure that those of you who studied the picture above are wondering what in the world we're eating for dinner this week. Somehow three free packs of Hostess donettes (coupon HERE) and Betty Crocker Warm Delights just don't make a well-balanced meal! Because I've been keeping my pantry and freezer well-stocked, we have plenty on-hand for meals. That's one of the joys of bargain shopping!

This was a very worthwhile trip. I ended up with over $140-worth of groceries for $59.52. My savings was $88.13 which is 60% (store sales and coupons).


Lisa said...

Nice shopping trip! Our Krogers don't triple Qs.