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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Frugal Friday: Know When to Hold 'Em - Part One

Doesn't a good coupon just burn a hole in your pocket coupon binder? We've all been there.... You find a Buy 1 - Get 1 FREE coupon for your absolute favorite product. You see that it's $1 off at Rite Aid this week. You are just dying to run out and pick up a couple.... and to use your coupon.


To borrow the lyrics of the infamous Kenny Rogers (whom I actually did see in concert WITH Crystal Gayle when I was about 10)....

You got to know when to hold 'em.

When I get a Buy 1 - Get 1 FREE coupon that I'm dying to use, I don't. Instead, I wait for a matching Buy 1 - Get 1 FREE sale. At most stores, that means that I will get both items absolutely free. And you can't beat free. Here are two examples from last week.

Rite Aid: CoverGirl Makeup Products

Rite Aid was having a Buy 1 - Get 1 FREE CoverGirl sale last week. I had 2 Buy 1 - Get 1 FREE coupons. I got 4 REALLY nice makeup products that were worth around $50 total absolutely free. And you can't beat free.

Kroger: Dentyne Gum

Kroger had their Dentyne gum on a Buy 1- Get 1 FREE sale last week. There was a Buy 1 - Get 1 FREE printable coupon. We have 2 computers, so I ended up with 4 copies of the printable coupon. I used them to get 8 free packs of Dentyne gum. And you can't beat free.

So the next time you're dying to use your Buy 1 - Get 1 FREE coupon without a sale, sing it with me.....

You got to know when to hold 'em.
Because you can't beat free.

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Mom2fur said...

We get smarter and smarter about how to use coupons, don't we? You got some great deals! Nothing beats free, LOL.

Stacy said...

Rite aid wouldn't honor mine :(

Jennifer said...

Stacy ~ I highly recommend emailing the Rite Aid corporate customer service office. Use the Contact Us link on the Rite Aid website. I did that and specifically asked them about the buy 1 - get 1 free coupons paired with a buy 1 - get 1 free sale. I got a concise answer from them, and I carry it in my coupon binder. That way, if a cashier gives me trouble with it, I can actually pull out the email and show it to them.

If I were in your shoes right now, I would send a separate email to the corporate contact letting them know which store rejected your coupon. Let them know that you're not satisfied. I would hope that they would do something to make it right for you.

I hope that helps!