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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Emailing Companies for Free Coupons

Kristen from Couponing to Disney emailed me to share an interesting project she's been working on. She spent the last 3 months emailing 5 different companies each day in hopes of receiving coupons. She simply gives feedback about their products or compliments them in some way. She has had some great success, and she has posted the top 29 companies that sent her coupons just for complimenting their products. You can read the post HERE. Let me know if you have any success in growing your coupon stash in this way.


Donna said...

I emailed companies in the spring of products that we regularly use. I didn't ask for any coupons just complimented them on a product that we used. In almost all cases, I got a nice email in return and about a week later, coupons in the mail. I only contacted each company one time. But I got some great coupons and some were for "free" items.

The Thrifty Divas said...

Hi, Jennifer. I did a similar experiment about a year ago where I emailed, wrote letters or called manufacturers with honest feedback about their products (products I used). It was about 40 manufacturers and the results were interesting. About 30 of them responded to me. About 25 sent me coupons (some of which were very high dollar or freebies). The best ones: Amy's,Ziploc, Pepperidge Farms, Tyson, Arnold Bread, Mission, and Kashi.

~ Elizabeth
The Thrifty Divas