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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday: Getting Kids to Eat More Veggies the Easy Way

My daughter LOVES to eat veggies. We introduced them to her when she was young, and exposed her to a wide variety of flavors. She was most enthusiastic about carrots and sweet potatoes when she first started out. In fact, we had to put her in just a diaper when she ate either one. She was so excited about eating them that they were EVERYWHERE!

The extra effort of feeding her different types of veggies has really paid off! Cucumbers are currently her veggie of choice, but she really hasn't turned up her nose at too many different kinds.

One of the ways I try to get her to eat a variety of veggies is to make a veggie tray as a side dish with lunch or dinner. When I do this, I can't believe how many veggies she eats! She usually eats whatever I put on her plate, but with the veggie tray, she eats far more than what I would have portioned out to her. We had to remind her to eat her peanut butter sandwich last time we had a veggie tray at lunch! That's a good problem to have!

If you have a picky veggie eater, this might be worth a try. There's something about being in control of what you choose from the tray that just makes you want to eat more veggies. It works for me!

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