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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Quick Kroger Stop = Great Rice Deal

My parents are coming for dinner tonight, and I'm making Broiled Tilapia Parmesan. They haven't tried it yet, but around here we think it's pretty yummy! Only one problem... I forgot that I was out of mayo and only had half the fish I needed. So, I stopped at Kroger today to get mayo and tilapia.

While I was walking from the seafood to the condiments, I passed the manager's special cart. Of course, I HAD to stop! I was thrilled to see Uncle Ben's Ready Rice on the cart! My heart sunk when I realized that I didn't have my coupon binder with me, but the price -- $.59 per pouch -- was too good to pass up... even without coupons. I love having this on-hand for nights when I work and need a really quick side dish.

Here's what I got:

Missing from photo: 2 Diet Mt. Dew 20-ounce bottles
(I was with my mom. She bought lunch. I bought drinks.)

Spent: $12.86
Saved: $3.74 (22%)
Catalina Earned: $1.00 (from Uncle Ben's!)

I had no idea that Uncle Ben's had a catalina deal going on right now, and I certainly didn't expect it on the rice. With the $.59 price tag and the $1 back at checkout, I ended up paying $.42 each for the rice pouches!


Gabrielle said...

Our Krogers (Knoxville area) allow you to bring in your receipt and coupons the next time you shop if you've forgotten them. So, you could call your store to see if they will honor this in your area. You'll bring in your coupons and your receipt from this trip, and they should hand you money in return for the coupons. Be sure to give them your Kroger Plus card so that any are doubled if applicable. Great score on these!

Jennifer said...

Good idea! I thought about calling to ask about it. Maybe I'll dig out my coupons and take them when I go later this week. Thanks!!